twenty-seven years invested.
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So I checked this book out today at B&N and I gotta say that I think it’s gonna be a definitely good read.  Buy it online on Amazon though, ridiculous to have MSRP of $35 while on Amazon you can get a steal for $18.89.  How they came up with that price?  No idea.  Reason I contemplated buying the hardcover was because I have a Kindle and I would read that thing anywhere.  There’s a lot of detail to the hardcover though.  The print, the pictures and the graphic detail of the lyric pages.  I’m looking forward to this book because it gives you a glimpse into a lyricists mind.  It’s how deep a songwriter goes in order to make a song tap into us.  The reason they chose certain words, the way to chose their delivery and why we even listen to the song.  It’s all in the person and their magic with wordplay.

I hate when I get into these “I wanna read books” mode because it gets expensive quick.  Funny because the book isn’t going anywhere either and I have a ton of books to read at home, yet I wanna get this like right now.  Just to have it.

I seriously don’t think print will ever become deceased with the digital world.  Even how the internet killed record stores, books still survived as much digital print as there is out there.  Nothing like reading something in your hands to see and feel physically that there’s a beginning and an end to it.