twenty-seven years invested.

favorite color? blue.
favorite food? anything with peanut butter.
favorite hobby? getting lost driving, taking pictures, and finding good music.
favorite city? cities with hills and/or mountains.
favorite song? that changes depending on my mood.
favorite music artists? mraz. mayer. jay-z. krs-one. jack johnson. lauryn hill. keane.
favorite movies? jerry macguire. once. elf.
favorite ice cream? mint chocolate chip and chocolate swiss.
favorite brands you wear? polo. nike. j.crew. jockey.

where do i see myself in 5 years?
that i have… already traveled along easter europe and possibly austrailia and new zealand. i also see myself with all my photography equipment that i want so i can take overwhelmingly nice pics. well-established. possibly in a house. maybe even a nice car but i’d rather have a nice life than pay a ridiculous car payment so that’s a maybe. loans will be paid off. maybe have settled with life a little bit and settle down? whoaaa…maybe. hopefully be an uncle and one day maybe even a dad. ok, that’s maybe a litte more than 5 years from now, but pretty good start.

what do you enjoy?
my camera (canon 30D) and my guitar (ibanez PF).  can’t claim i know both of them well but they are the first things i gravitate to when i get home.  sometimes i’ll play with them for a short fix or sometimes i could obsessively use them all night.