twenty-seven years invested.
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when you grow up, do you feel like you’ve gained more friends or lost more friends? by that, i guess you can take it in the literal sense or go deeper where you have found out who your long term friends are going to be in your life. it’s funny how in our youth, especially in college that our one many main mediums was using AIM to chat with everyone. i seems like the age of instant messaging died in a sense. sure, there is the era of texting and Twitter now but that seems limited in comparison to having full unabridged conversation. sure, leave that for “In Real Life” situations but it just seems like the people we do see, we refer to what we already know because of what we read or overheard.

life is one big gossip reel until it’s confirmed by the main source. this is just a general realization, no random poke at anyone or anything. i just think how interesting technology has made social interaction more present but not. sure, the introverted can relate more to others through a medium and the extroverted can reach out to a wider audience but has it made life that much more simple? the more exposed you are, the more obligations you have also; in the personal but also the business world. you’re obligated to connect 24/7.

i like that we give ourselves these personal leashes. cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. they are truly conveniences and can be helpful but how much do we rely on them and how do we react without them?

the younger generations ahead of us are learning to get bored quicker because things go out of fad so quickly now. means to get things are simpler. there’s always an evolution to what we do, i’m just wondering where we’re going next.



January 19th, 2010

what about gmail son?

i use gmail like AIM x 5.


January 22nd, 2010

That’s what we have BBM for!

January 22nd, 2010

Why you people responding to this mad late? smh.

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