twenty-seven years invested.
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don’t worry, this isn’t a story spoiler. i’m just trying to rationalize all that’s spiritual and scientific in my opinion.

this past sunday was the first time i’ve gone to church in a very long time. it’s not that i don’t want to go but i always seems to make excuses or just don’t take time out to set my alarm to wake up in the morning or end up doing something in the evening to miss the youth mass. being catholic, there’s a lot of rules to follow. do you call them rules? commandments? promises? anyway, regardless of all the beliefs that are out there, i think it’s important to have faith. i can say that i’ve really missed church. not because i feel guilty or because i HAVE to go but because there’s a sense of peace if you really take time out to meditate and take time out for yourself and God.

it’s funny because i just finished reading angels and demons tonight. how appropriate, right? i can understand as to why there is such controversy with the church and Christianity because there’s a lot of tall tales that come along with the story of the faith. should you believe in the all the secrecy behind closed walls? is it to protect the people of their faith or to keep the structure of the politics inside of the church strong? i may not be putting all these terms correctly but it’s just like science where people are wanting a solid factual basis for things but always keep ending up with more questions. but that’s what keeps you going. i think it’s really important to believe in something because if you don’t, where does it get you? what motivates you to keep going?

one thing i do agree with in the book (not that i don’t agree with anything but one point i wanted to point out) is that apathy is death. not caring, not believing, not having any relevance to anything will drive you to nothing. sure there are times where you grow apathetic to a situation but always try to put yourself in a position of what the scenario is and come to a conclusion. like it said in the book, there would be no light without darkness. all the contrasts are good because how can you know what something is until you know what it’s like without it also.

the book ended kinda weird but gotta end a story somehow. :-P


September 16th, 2009

off-topic: Bossman said there’s a science to light. You can see objects not due to light or dark but the combination through contrast. Just a fact, cause I always thought the more light, the better, but sometimes it can be blinding. Ahhh.

September 25th, 2014

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