twenty-seven years invested.
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she has a chill, electronic vibe to her music on this album.  it’s like mellow bubble music but a little more grown up.  i like it because it doesn’t hide her british accent so it’s a little raw in that sense.  it sounds like songwriter music and not trying to be the prettiest voice but carry a pretty melody.  i get music in that sense.  now if sara bareilles comes out with some new stuff, that would be great too.  it’s funny cuz she’s caught up in tabloids and stuff.  showing up to award shows drunk and telling off elton john was crazy.

i think people will still respect you as an artist as long as you keep your ethics to making good music or at least not lose the quality that you’ve previously committed to.  no need for a comeback, just keep coming back harder.  in the words of lily allen, “fuck you very much.”

also, working on the pics i said i’d make myself take as a “i’m going to” – that entry will be coming up soon also.

there’s not much music coming out right now.  this is the best i got until someone can give me some more input on what’s out there.

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February 7th, 2009

Track 8 = She’s straight THUG!
She’s dope!
& you’re dope for all the good music insight.


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