twenty-seven years invested.
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joe – man in your life

nas – hero

i like the fact that you can sell the same beat to two different artists and remaster. i guess it’s fine and both songs sound totally different but hey, money is money i guess. i can understand doing a cover or sampling a song but it just doesn’t sound right when you’re listening to a song and you swear you heard that layer on another track. sure enough…

same thing on beyonce’s new song – diva. has the same cymbal hit from lollipop. i’m sure it’s all legit but it kinda killed the songs for me. just making an observation.

i’m in the wrong industry. not that my information is useful or credible but for some reason i care about this stuff. haha it’s a hobby.

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September 25th, 2014

Thanks for the post Joy, but using this code completely stoeppd my blog from running something isn’t right here!I see on your Fusion sidebar that the links are formatted correctly, yet when i use the code you’ve suggested above, it doesn’t work. In fact, nothing on my blog works! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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