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Perfect Symmetry

keane | perfect symmetry | release date: 10/14/08

music is strong this year.  there’s a lot of artists and there are a lot of them that are taking their time with their music now as opposed to just putting music out there just to make sales.  there are those that do but i like knowing when the groups and artists appreciate what they put out there.   keane is a band that actually doesn’t have any guitars in their group.  for them to fill the void and harmonies that guitars usually fill in for a rock band is pretty impressive, especially their live show (that i saw on cable).  so cop it, buy it, listen to it, whatever it is you do.  here’s to go muzak.

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September 25th, 2014

Hello, Would be nice if you could add the PLAY arrow button on this PSD becsuae i would like to use it but i’m not able to design this play correctly. Kind Regards

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