twenty-seven years invested.
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so i’m stuck at a fork in the road in life.  what i want to know is how people always say that’s it’s good to have a back-up plan just in case things don’t work out.  i didn’t realize it until now that’s it’s ok to follow your dreams because i have my education to fall back on.  you can use it as a crutch or use it to further your progression as a person and towards your passion.  what’s hard for me to handle is how do you follow what you REALLY want to do when you need money to do so?  is it a shame to ask your parents?  should you put that burden on your parents?  maybe sometimes i feel like it’s selfish of me because i’m doing something i’m not so sure about but hoping something comes out of it.

i know that you can’t be afraid to fail but i think that it’ll set you back in “time.”  in time of experience, the longevity of your money, and the possibilities and opportunities to maximize your degree that you arduously strived to retrieve for your disposal.  i like the idea of working on a dream while maintaining a steady well-paid paycheck to support that dream until it becomes self-sufficient, but until then i guess it’s back to the grind until something fruitions.

what’s a cool dream job?  what’s your dream job?

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still is one of the best damn mraz performances.  it made me appreciate the song a lot more after seeing it.  just good mellow, laid back ish.

it’s good to know that late nite with jimmy fallon is about the writing.  you can tell by their productions.  hilarious mock of the hills.