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mr. hudson – straight no chaser

0011 by mrhudson.

i think this is gonna be a big album.  sure it sounds mainstream but it has that retro-futuristic vibe to it that i think will make him big.  i just hope that his music doesn’t get old fast.  if it does, that means he’s a success so that’s cool.

zee avi – self-titled

Zee Avi

the jack johnson business of beach music is expanding and he’s hit a winner with her.  it’s not all the time that you have an asian face with a sultry voice used in a mellow setting.  big ups on this one and now colbie caillat has a run in the competition of who can be more chill when they sing.  sara bareilles needs to come with it already.  thanks cavy for the drop!

mat kearney – city of black and white

City of Black & White

so maybe i’ve been listening to some mellow cats right now but that’s what is coming out right now.  he sorta has a chris martin sound to him that any of his songs can basically be played during those “moments” of a tv drama to represent the moment with the music and lyric.  good stuff though for cruisin’ weather.

ben folds presents: university a cappella!

Ben Folds Presents: University a Cappella!

a pretty cool project that ben folds took upon himself to go around to universities after heard acappella choirs doing covers of his music.  so he thought…why not make an album of his music in their interpretation.  i think it pays homage to choir music at the collegiate level and gives them spotlight.  i don’t know a lot of the songs as i don’t listen to ben folds much but i think it’s a cool idea and maybe turn me into a fan of his stuff.  and in that sense, i’m late.

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don’t be. that is all.

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Mr. West and Mr. Hudson

mr hudson and kanye west got this one right. it may not be your cup of tea but the harmonies are pretty sick and not to mention that it’s a different direction that i kinda like. it reminds me of 80s pop and synthesizers but futuristic. meh, regardless i hope mr hudson keeps making good music.

Mr Hudson f/ Kanye West – “Supernova”



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he still amazes me and it’s amazing to master one of my favorite acoustic instrumentals. it’s one of the most fluid songs on the guitar that i’ve ever heard. to me, it’s as if someone is singing but you can’t make out the lyrics and you don’t care. i think he did the fingerstyle part even better.

and last night, kris allen killed kanye’s heartless on AI. when it started off i didn’t think much of it but then it got better than the fray’s version and got jason mraz-y on it? he was the only one that did a song that was current. he’ll have the best record out of the top 3.

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keri hilson’s riffs make me wanna just get sick wid it with that r leslie beat.

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So Far Gone cover

i can’t tell you how well made this mixtape was made.  first of all, this shoulda been picked up by a major record label to make his debut album.  to me, this is what kanye is trying to do with his music.  kanye doesn’t want to be labeled as a rapper but an entertainer/musician/artist.  drake’s on another level already.  he’s brought all the realms of music that i appreciate.  he’s instrumental, jazzy, drum/bass, indie, r&b, hip-hop and abstract.  in addition to that, he’s got a message from being silly to real.  new respect.  EVEN LIL WAYNE sounds good on here!

track mentions:

november 18th
best i ever had
little bit
even his dam outro

rookie of the year.

this guy is gonna be ridiculous in his career in the NBA.  definitely need to cop that jersey. #1 DERRICK ROSE.  the celtics/bulls series will go epic in NBA playoff history.

houston rockets.

we got out of the 1st round.  the real test is to see the potential of our defense on the LA lakers.  it ain’t gonna be easy but i think if they get on all pistons, it’s gonna be a crazy series.