twenty-seven years invested.
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not in houston, to say the least.  but there aren’t many new releases that are catching me at the moment.  been going through my archives and remembering some throwbacks.  i’m talking rare artists.  we’ll discuss soon.

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i always wonder what it would be like if i went different routes, career-wise.

physical therapy
this was the route i wanted to take in high school but i did horribly when it came to bio-sciences.  i preferred to do chemistry and physics.  i actually wish i went more chemical but i think i woulda been crying more than i do now if i did.  PT inspired me as there are so many routes to go.  i wanted to go into sports medicine but also i wanted to help rehabilitate those who really wanted to get to doing a lot of motor skills that we give up for granted.  what held me back was my confidence in my potential and not making it into PT school which i was always told is sometimes harder to get into than med school as places in programs are very limited.  i always wish how i would’ve done as i know i would have felt more fulfilled going that route but i knew it would take longer than my goal time of finishing.

i really wish i went to a normal public school instead of that of a health profession magnet school but considering the alternatives and where i would have had to attend in my zone area, i was better off.  i wish i had a chance to take more architecture electives.  i was always intrigued with creating buildings and bridges with my imagination.  i think you’re willing to put in the extra hours in the drafting studios and working on blue prints if you are passionate about your design.  also, chicks dig guys who are architects.  it’s a fact…watch HIMYM :-P   also it’s cool to walk around with those drawing tubes everywhere you go, but i’m sure i’d sweat bullets come presentation day.  but be proud of your product, be proud of your brand.

marketing and advertising
my dad really tried to push me away from going the business route as he felt i didn’t have the personality to be cutthrough enough and that i would be worthless at the end of the day at work.  in some ways, i agree but so many parts of that industry are what really get my mind going.  i think i’m pretty good with brainstorming and stupid catch phrases and mostly, i’m a sucker for wordplay.  i hate what the advertising industry is represented as and that they are a bunch of monsters but it’s a competitive market so you always need your a-game, not to mention you always have to stay in the loop with what is now and what will be and how the past can impact the future in whatever your client’s product is trying to sell or promote.  i always had an itch for this stuff.

jesus was a carpenter, you know.  i think i would have had a lot of fun being a tool belt man.  i just think it would be fun.  it’s a pretty flexible but stressfull schedule but if you don’t mind what you do, it makes the day like it was a day well spent.  not to mention, it saves mad money on remodels if it ever comes to your own house and you have all the connections of all the people you need if you need something done.  win-win.

this’ll always be a hobby, so no regrets here.

i think i still have an opportunity to do any of these but we’ll see.  i just want to put it out there so i can read back at it if something inside me triggers something and i have some crazy epiphany.  other than that, i have to pee now.