twenty-seven years invested.
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This Is the One

she’s one of the biggest names in japanese pop.  only reason i know this is because my sister used to follow the whole k-pop scene and found some other names along the way only to realize she was j-pop.  well, she’s hit it mainstream and is producing her first english album and got some big producers to help her out.  her first single is typical urban pop sounding but if you’ve heard other songs before then you’d know her english accent wasn’t that great.  so she’s really worked on her phoenetics when she sings so that was impressive.  she also got rid of this weird vibrato thing she does.

anyway, here’s her vid.

in other crap, this is my golf ramble.

man, don’t got much else content going on except that i fixed my wrist problem on my golf swing.  it helps with relaxing in my followthrough.  my backside of my left hand is now facing my target with my hand loosely gripping the club and i bring my following down into that position therefore keeping my wrist relaxed and not tense.  i win.  i basically saw the potential of the loft i always expected with my 5 and 7 iron.  it was pretty nice.  not to mention borrowing clubs that have a smaller cavity back kinda helped.  what i liked to see was with my irons that i was getting a soft bounce where it landed as opposed to just a ball that keeps rolling.  that means better accuracy and that i’m getting the right push off the ball.  it’s all about where you put the divot as well as your downswing in how much spin you want on the ball.  the more you cut it, the more backspin you’ll put it.  i’m starting to see the relation to tennis is finding the type of spin you want on the ball to get the type of shot you want.

i’m nowhere where i think i am by typing all this but it’s cool to see progress.  i’m sure the next time i go out, i’ll overthink it all and resume hitting like crap.  just remember, you should be making contact with the ball before the iron makes contact with ground to create the divot.  that’s what forces the trajectory that you desire with certain clubs.

i’m so focused on my mid-range irons that i’m neglecting any use of the wedges and practicing those on the short game but i’m just trying to learn a consistent swing then i’ll explore some more.  using the driver just requires a good core so your swing has power in it’s flight without trying to use your arms for power.  it’s all about a strong windup and fast club speed.  i see how it’s a life sport.  you can’t do anything but perfect the craft.

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what things do you find funny in this picture?

LM Otero: AP || Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis flies into spectators after chasing a loose ball during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas.

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the kooks – naive
kings of leon – closer
lil wayne – mrs. officer
brian mcknight – anytime
ryan leslie – overdose
david gray – babylon
the all-american rejects – gives you hell
raul midon feat jason mraz – keep on hoping
kaskade – it’s you, it’s me
tom tom club – genius of love

these are 10 songs that i choose right now strictly based on how well they sound in the car or any good stereo.  good sharp highs, subtle lows, and for the clarity of the song.  a lot of tracks are usually saturated with loudness so it makes the song sound full and well…loud.  i think these songs were well made to hear everything they want you to hear. for the playlist of songs if you wanna sample them here.

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late nite with jimmy fallon – had his debut night last night.  it’s like the first day of school watching him, he looked dead nervous out there but what do you expect having to fill the shoes of conan o’brien who is going to take over the tonight show in june.  where’s jay leno going?  he’s moving to a prime time slot doing an hourly slot of i don’t know what in the 10/9p spot.  fallon has some big guests to bring in an audience his first week so lets hope he figures out the kinks cuz like when conan started, he has no clue what he’s doing right now.

throwback album mention:

White Ladder

david gray – white ladder.  great mellow album.  babylon would still be a hit if it was made in today’s industry.



BoA, not Bank of America but the artist from korea who was compared to being korea’s britney spears, is coming out with an american produced album.  not sure if this is an english album but if it is, it’s gonna be crazy accented and not lily allen style but like what the heck is she saying, man?


k’naan – troubadour seems promising.  there isn’t much coming out of the hiphop scene publicly right now.

The General Dynamic

basic vocab – the general dynamic.  just a sick album if you haven’t checked it out.  great find thanks to watching entourage.  amazing how music can impact a scene instantly.  it would be awesome to work in production.

storytellers – kanye west. his set for the performance was clean.  it’s his best “singing” performance so far of all his live performances but he still pulls the mic away on the parts where he can’t reach, which is a good thing, but bad if you’re going to sing and want people to take you seriously.  he does it for the harmonies and whatnot but eh.  he decided to try and improve on his “storytelling” of his tracks but he sorta fumbled through a lot of them.  he wanted to speak from the heart but then sometimes it just came out meh and he knew it.  haha  anyway, i liked his heartless performance as he added a better version of pinnochio’s story than on the album.

highlights: heartless and stronger.