twenty-seven years invested.
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so when i’m running at memorial park, it’s cool to see people training for events. the way you can tell is by seeing people running in packs. not even necessarily running, there are packs of cyclists training for the up-coming ms150 and it’s good to see some type of active lifestyle here in houston.  it’s motivating, if you actually pay attention to the things around you, because you sort of pick up on that energy.  there’s the camaraderie and the peer motivation to keep you going.

i wish i was out there more often but i lose motivation getting there.  i need to join a gym again, as much as i don’t want the extra expenses, that’s when i was around people that made me want to push to stay in shape.  not to mention i just miss playing ball and sports, in general.  life gets pretty boring in my 7-5 lifestyle.

wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch tv, go to bed.

it’s funny because all day leading up to leaving work, i plan out in my head the sequence of what i’m gonna do after i get home.  then once i sit down, it’s game over.  :-T i hate my lazy mentality.  i think ok, i’ll watch tv for 30 minutes and veg out.  next thing, i know it’s 9:30 and hadn’t done crap except maybe eat.  horrible disposition, in my opinion.

i’m gonna get a dog.