twenty-seven years invested.
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one day i will save up my monies and spend the weekend in the Netherlands at this event. who knows who’ll i’ll meet, what i’ll take from it, but man it would be a spectacle.

North Sea Jazz Festival

too see shows like raul midon and india.arie like i showed before…

live music is a sickness. it’s contagious.

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Ryan Leslie

so it’s finally (being) released.  i respect his work as i’ve reiterated multiple times before and now i’ve had the chance to listen to the final product.  this is the way i see the album – if the album were instrumental, it would be sick because he has so many melodies and nuances that it’s like listening to a good jazz album.  i think with his lyrical arrangment – some of the songs would’ve been better with more natural instruments instead of keyboards, drum machines, and altering instruments to make a more unique sound.  his songs have a lot of harmony which i like but the depth isn’t all there.  it’s a respectable r&b album but there wasn’t a song that stood out to me besides i-r-i-n-a and gibberish.  i just like gibberish because this:

but all in all, it’s an album that’ll grow on me because he’s ridiculous on his twitter and his blog which makes him real yet elite because of his jet-setting schedule, connections, collaborations, etc.  keep working hard and it’ll get you somewhere.  he’s proof.

Fancy Footwork: Deluxe Edtion

as for this album – this was my weekend album.  a lot of it was while i was out taking pictures around the city, there was a DJ at one of the parks by buffalo bayou playing a lot of house, electronic, and funk tracks. when i got out of my car, i couldn’t find where the music was coming from and then “bonafied lovin” came on and i thought about boxcuttahz audition routine on abdc. randomness i know but anyhow, it’s a catchy tune. good album on a sunny day out cruisin’ if you do that kinda stuff. word.

honorable mention: chromeo – mercury tears