twenty-seven years invested.
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i’m gonna just throw up all my thoughts on this post.

academy awards – well directed. great choice in host, it’s been a while since there was an entertainer as a host as opposed to a comedian even though conan o’brien could host the heck out of it without having any lines scripted. i like that they themed each catergory and set the stage to correlate which takes production and money. there was time spent and i appreciate that. i hope people DO notice that and appreciate it as well. i like to focus on the production as it’s usually forgotten. also it’s ridiculously fun to see the energy that comes from the slumdog millionaire entourage because it was unexpected and it’s greatly humbled by them. so any award they take home was one they never thought they would take. sometimes it shows things are just organic. you can’t make it happen, it just does.  latika!

i wanna go snowboarding one more time this season. :(

education – i wish i surrounded by more people that want to share things that they’ve learned. it’s gotten to the point where sometimes it seems uncool to share random things you know. i like when people teach me things because it makes me feel a little brighter. also it makes me feel important because i feel as if i’m worthy of their time to take a moment to share that bit with me. it’s inspiritng and motivating. never stop learning. i need to stop being lazy and get my brain cells working.

recreation – man i miss playing ball now. sure, i run whenever i can but i’m getting burnt out a bit as there’s not much interaction unless you run with a friend…then i feel that if i can’t keep up, i’m just holding them back. yeah, it’s a confidence thing. nevertheless, i miss playing ball cuz i’m so used to just running in a straight line, i’m missing all the other muscles involved when you’re playing D on your opponent or changes in direction in a moment’s notice. so if anyone wants to just play whatevz, i’m gonna push myself to just go and do that.

nightlife – it used to be fun but it can get old when you know what’s expected and sure enough, what you expected is what happens. it’s good to see people but i just wonder how come no one just meets up for dinner to hang out or do random events as opposed to “we’ll just meet you guys up later if ya’ll go out.” it’s almost like we can only keep a conversation going if we’ve had a couple drinks. you’re in good company if you can get through a dinner without it feeling awkward.

music – kings of leon

Only by the Night

i’ve never really listen to much rock.  alternative, yes.  blues, yes.  punk, yes.  but rock, i think this group falls under that category.  if you listen to it’s style, it fits in that genre and i deem it to fall into rock.  i like that the album starts off with this type of energy that makes you want to feel it out.  first of all, when an artist uses abstract image as their cover it shows they have more of a meaning to what they produce and it’s however you interpret it as, so give it a listen.  they are huge in the UK but funny that they are a band straight out of tennessee – funny how this world works.  then again, that’s how *nsync got big too.

weekend playlist:
kings of leon – use somebody
lily allen – the fear
the prodigy – omen
brian mcknight – anytime (the beat building up to the first verse is just sick all by itself)
hot hot heat – goodnight goodnight
stereophonics – local boy in the photograph
jamie foxx – slow
coldplay – lovers in japan

ok, i’m blank now.  bbc radio 1 is all win.

UK’s rihanna – alicia dixon = overplayed.

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so when i’m running at memorial park, it’s cool to see people training for events. the way you can tell is by seeing people running in packs. not even necessarily running, there are packs of cyclists training for the up-coming ms150 and it’s good to see some type of active lifestyle here in houston.  it’s motivating, if you actually pay attention to the things around you, because you sort of pick up on that energy.  there’s the camaraderie and the peer motivation to keep you going.

i wish i was out there more often but i lose motivation getting there.  i need to join a gym again, as much as i don’t want the extra expenses, that’s when i was around people that made me want to push to stay in shape.  not to mention i just miss playing ball and sports, in general.  life gets pretty boring in my 7-5 lifestyle.

wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch tv, go to bed.

it’s funny because all day leading up to leaving work, i plan out in my head the sequence of what i’m gonna do after i get home.  then once i sit down, it’s game over.  :-T i hate my lazy mentality.  i think ok, i’ll watch tv for 30 minutes and veg out.  next thing, i know it’s 9:30 and hadn’t done crap except maybe eat.  horrible disposition, in my opinion.

i’m gonna get a dog.

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concerts are a great place to find a common ground. it’s funny that you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. i think the reason why people like concerts so much is that it’s a place you can let go for a couple hours – jump around, sing along, or just appreciate talent. it’s funny how when you go to a concert, that you sorta forget about all the things you usually think or worry about and just have fun. there’s an energy that fills the venue that makes it quite an experience.

if you ever get the chance to see a favorite artist or any type of event that you enjoy. i say to just do it and go see it in person because everyone around is there for the same reason, so you can get see if it’s just as good, worse, or beyond your expectations.

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inspiring.  it’s inspiring to me because it’s a stripped down piece of work.  it’s the aspect of what makes candid moments, well, candid.  it’s the moments where people let their guard down because there is no sense of surveillance therefore you act as if you were “to dance like no one is watching.”

there are so many things that you can do to make this a great piece – from an inspiring short film, to a music video that is relative to the situation, or even a great advertising campaign that seems genuine.  if you add words that have an impact, it can make you think.  if you add music, it can make you feel.

they people in the video really are great – i wish it made the full revolution but it was pretty imaginative and care-free.  a lot of things i tend to forget about on a daily basis.  anyway, fun vid.  if you don’t see it, i dunno what else to say.  one of those epiphany moments or something.

randoms of the day on tv:
the office – kelly got an hour nap; angela is a pussy licker; jim and dwight collabo; pam going “ayo!”
top chef – carla is a hoot, that is all
celtics vs mavs – garnett losing his cool all on his own.  his head needs to shrink down a bit.

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she has a chill, electronic vibe to her music on this album.  it’s like mellow bubble music but a little more grown up.  i like it because it doesn’t hide her british accent so it’s a little raw in that sense.  it sounds like songwriter music and not trying to be the prettiest voice but carry a pretty melody.  i get music in that sense.  now if sara bareilles comes out with some new stuff, that would be great too.  it’s funny cuz she’s caught up in tabloids and stuff.  showing up to award shows drunk and telling off elton john was crazy.

i think people will still respect you as an artist as long as you keep your ethics to making good music or at least not lose the quality that you’ve previously committed to.  no need for a comeback, just keep coming back harder.  in the words of lily allen, “fuck you very much.”

also, working on the pics i said i’d make myself take as a “i’m going to” – that entry will be coming up soon also.

there’s not much music coming out right now.  this is the best i got until someone can give me some more input on what’s out there.

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one day i will save up my monies and spend the weekend in the Netherlands at this event. who knows who’ll i’ll meet, what i’ll take from it, but man it would be a spectacle.

North Sea Jazz Festival

too see shows like raul midon and india.arie like i showed before…

live music is a sickness. it’s contagious.

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Ryan Leslie

so it’s finally (being) released.  i respect his work as i’ve reiterated multiple times before and now i’ve had the chance to listen to the final product.  this is the way i see the album – if the album were instrumental, it would be sick because he has so many melodies and nuances that it’s like listening to a good jazz album.  i think with his lyrical arrangment – some of the songs would’ve been better with more natural instruments instead of keyboards, drum machines, and altering instruments to make a more unique sound.  his songs have a lot of harmony which i like but the depth isn’t all there.  it’s a respectable r&b album but there wasn’t a song that stood out to me besides i-r-i-n-a and gibberish.  i just like gibberish because this:

but all in all, it’s an album that’ll grow on me because he’s ridiculous on his twitter and his blog which makes him real yet elite because of his jet-setting schedule, connections, collaborations, etc.  keep working hard and it’ll get you somewhere.  he’s proof.

Fancy Footwork: Deluxe Edtion

as for this album – this was my weekend album.  a lot of it was while i was out taking pictures around the city, there was a DJ at one of the parks by buffalo bayou playing a lot of house, electronic, and funk tracks. when i got out of my car, i couldn’t find where the music was coming from and then “bonafied lovin” came on and i thought about boxcuttahz audition routine on abdc. randomness i know but anyhow, it’s a catchy tune. good album on a sunny day out cruisin’ if you do that kinda stuff. word.

honorable mention: chromeo – mercury tears