twenty-seven years invested.
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life in pictures… coronado island, laguna beach, huntington beach, del mar beach, ocean beach, san diego zoo, balboa park, sunrises, sunsets, great food… what more can you say… just a chill place to lay out.

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the album panned out to be just OK to me, but i’m sure it’ll grow on me.  it’s not their usual sound and the music really sticks to the theme of the album cover and title.  this song is the highlight though.  thanks itunes commercial.

san diego, i’m comin’! time to flex my photography skill muscles.

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so since my car got broken into and thankfully had my old radio at my folk’s place i’ve resulted to listening to my old cd’s. i forgot what better quality music sounded like as opposed to listening to mp3′s or my ipod through FM, which i can still do but meh.

rubyhorse – rise LP


anyway, i forgot how good this album is.  it’s their first album and their 2nd album ain’t that bad either.  i didn’t get into it much when i first got it but it’s one of those cd’s where the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you. 

what’s funny is that i look about what i talk about in my life and it’s mainly travel, music, photography, and home improvement.  talk about how somethings never change but also at the same time what your priorities are at the moment.  hmm…