twenty-seven years invested.
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Viva La Vida

their first album cover that isn’t really an abstract graphic and makes some kind of sense.  if anyone knows how to decypher the other album titles, get at me.

i get called emo for liking coldplay but i think their music has grown to reach the masses.  they’ve the popularity that U2 had achieves as a band internationally.  one and only time i’ve had the opportunity to see them was at ACL 3 years ago, i think.  they were the main event on sunday night.  never felt a show that big before even as far back i was from the stage.  if you were to buy a 3-day event pass to ACL, i think just their show woulda been worth it.  they hadn’t been back since then and finally they are coming back around in november. anyone down?

i’m looking forward to this album tho.  X&Y was the album that got me, especially after their performance.  it’s weird because for some reason since they came out in 2000?  I’ve bought their albums even though i thought most of the songs were just OK, except their top40 hits that they made on the albums prior.

i think it’s funny that they cut down the album title name too. 
from viva la vida or death and all his friends to just viva la vida. 

so go get on june 17.  i’m sure it won’t disappoint.  and/or run 5k for bryan’s bday.  true.

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having stared at this wall and what i’ve wanted to do, i decided not to just go with one flat color but instead, i pulled out three.  i’m happy with the results.  “oh but you have to paint it back when you leave”  – well, you gotta move out too.  no biggie. 

i smile when i see it.  it’s like a show came to my house and redid my pad.  i’m so fly.

lemme throw you some keys to making precision lines:

  • clear painting caulk – spread it on with your finger along the painting tape to create a seal.  presto!  so when you pull of the tape, it makes that clean, precision line you want but never get.
  • laser line thinagamajig – straight line guide as u put up the tape.  thank you for this invention.

and i guess that’s as exciting as life gets right now.  back to the grind for a couple days and back to another 3 day weekend.  9/80 schedule wins!  :]

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well, i’d make my list today. maybe it’ll be at the end of the week. a lot of new albums coming out this week or the next couple weeks. here’s the artists i need to check out their new stuff for.

estelle – shine
jason mraz – we sing, we dance, we steal things
gavin degraw – self title
the roots – rising down
radiohead – the best of
ashanti – the declaration
death cab – narrow stairs
usher – here i stand
coldplay – viva la vida or death and all his friends
weezer – (red album) | …who said they were done?!
amos lee – last days at the lodge
lyfe jennings - lyfe change | sounds like a theme album for trina.

haha that sound like enough music to cover for a while?  i think so. 

also, i’ve updated a playlist on my about page so i can listen to it at work. open to song suggestions…

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yah i’ve heard her stuff awhile back but saw her perform on tv and i was impressed.
but still…lauryn hill just needs to come back.

she’s truth. i respect talent that respects their own art.

i just want good music.


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- put new hard drive in mac – spent all night re-installing, upgrading, modifying. latest i’ve stayed up in a while. MEANWHILE…
- car was broken into. broke driver window, took car stereo and dug through my glove compartment and took remote to radio but left my ipod. f*ckin idiot. damn clean job taking the glass tho, i have no idea what they did with that.
- got windows replaced before kanye concert in some ghetto area on hardy tollway and little rock. cheap as hell tho. worth it.
- kanye concert – ate at chocolata (damn good peanut butter chocolate ice cream). lame camera rule, had to check it in. lupe was tight but he started 20 minutes early. n.e.r.d. did all the hype hits but the mosh they got on stage was meh, whack group of guys who moshed for 15 seconds then one guy tried to start crumping like a meh. rhianna set actually got people hype – everyone busted out their umbrellas. kanye – solo – all you need, nuff said. and the random floating femme bot that he had wet dreams about. atop of that, the reefer in the air was strong and downwind. so let’s just say everyone was into it.
- oh and rockets lost. season is over :( ’til next year…

- fake out to schlitz in galveston – too damn expensive
- improv comedy night – i didn’t know what to expect considering it was in a shady spot in the town & country area but as the night went on, it got funnier. it’s ridiculous sitting in the front tho. good thing cuz they pick on the people in the back for obvious reasons.

- farmer’s market – meh, something random but i’ll stick to going to the grocery. i would say it’s cheaper tho.
- sweet tomatoes has breakfast? it’s fair, nothing great but still…they have sunday breakfast?
- fairfield outlets – got meez a jacket and some plates.
- had to reformat a friend’s laptop cuz i screwed it up cuz was annoying using it cuz it was so slow so i tried to ‘fix’ that problem only to cause a glitch. hopefully i was able to save some stuff on it but spent the whole night debugging it so i could reinstall the OS.

i promise it was more interesting than it all sounds. haha except messing with computers cuz that’s just annoying cuz you can only work as fast as it’ll let you. limewire loads torrents now – didn’t know that. anyway, chill hangout at the apt soon?

madonna – hard candy
kanye west – graduation
james morrison – undiscovered

austin – 11 days
san diego – 39 days
las vegas – 52 days