twenty-seven years invested.
category: top10

10 – milli - lil wayne
o9 – calabria – enur
o8 – when we ooo – janet
o7 – heartbeat – madonna
o6 – stressed out – babyface
o5 – butterfly – jason mraz
o4 – tape you -n.e.r.d.
o3 – so fly – slim feat yung joc
o2 – paris, tokyo – lupe
o1 – big brother – kanye west

category: ramble

- that dance music phase died in about a day
- my macbook harddrive crashed again…gotta go to store again…
- i want to move out of houston…even after i bought all this furniture
- i need to get a new car this year but i refuse to pay car payments
- ‘ye, ’pe, rhi’, nerd is happenin’ this friday
- need to get out and take more pictures
- watched return of the dead and house of 1000 corpses on IFC last nite.  meh movies but funny.
- golf clubs?
- i always wanted a lomo
- i’m back to being bored

category: music

i’m not talking progressive house, trance, breakbeat, uptempo, lounge, etc…

like straight up dance genre – alice deejay, natasja, lee cabrera, cascada, and kaskade.

maybe to me, it identifies me with the weekend now because usually when i’m doing stuff around the apartment, i turn on the dance station on my cable and it gets me in this good mood like i’m down to just have fun.

can’t wait for vegas/austin weekend/driving range/paydays/lounging by the pool/the beach/a cool summer

currently: in a good mood
currently playing: kaskade – sweet love (marques wyatt mix)

and kanye concert in 2 weeks.  should be fun watching from the nose bleed lawn seats.

categories: ramble, ventilation

9.8 meters per second squared.  gravity can work for you or against you.  what goes up, must come down.

i think events in life are cyclical.  whenever you reach a high in your life – that point where you start to feel stability and success, not everything will work at equilibrium from that point on.  it can if you really work hard at it but as much as you prepare and plan, there are the unexpected moments that can change everything.  but you have to expect that and that’s why you prepare for a worst case scenario that you wish not to happen.

moving out while stable was a high for me – a sense of independence, but while you think you almost have everything going your way, there are those unexpected bumps that are almost impossible to avoid.  so just always be prepared.  there’s that “live life” theory that has to be tested throughout, but be responsible still.  it’ll sneak up to bite your ass in the future.

on the upside of gravity, certain events in physics help you out to max out the potential of what you’re trying to do.  golf, snowboarding, basketball, and most importantly, keeping yourself grounded.  don’t ever let yourself lose your head but still maintain your confidence.  be good at what you do and you’ll soar.

i’m just ticked off at the moment about something but i’m trying to turn the issue positively.

note:  rogan and 5 tips to golf.  old ass book.  amirite will?  lulz

category: weekend
category: home improvement

i realized the reason why i wanted to get a house.  i think i have this thing for home improvement.  i live in an apartment but if i had my own place, i really think my place would be gutted out and started over.  that’s embellishing but seriously, i think it’s fun.

not like, let’s go snowboard fun but it gives me something to do and look forward to when i get home.  especially after i bought a level.  i never knew that i’d be hooked on trying to level everything.  so now i’m just hanging stuff up on the walls so i can utilize it. 

got me a power drill, so i’m down to screw stuff to the walls.  the apartment said i could paint the walls if i wanted to but i think i’m kinda lazy to prime it back before i move out (whenever that is). 

home improvement = another expensive hobby. 
stereo speaker wires = spider web affect to the living room.
neutral colors = everything is brown.
bills = :(

i forgot how expensive living on your own was…

gotta cut back now. 

category: top10

10.  miller light/bud light
9.  modelo negra
8.  skinny dip
7.  samuel adams
6.  heineken light
5.  rolling rock
4.  modelo especial
3.  bohemia
2.  blue moon
1.  stella artois

wanna try:
victory prima pils