twenty-seven years invested.
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i’m in that mood where i want to learn something.  something that i could analyze the hell out of and can tell you anything about it.  i remember doing research papers and having to read multiple sources of the same thing but different facts and aspects from different perspectives.  it’s just been a long time since i’ve been able to actually use my intelligence towards something.  yeah sure there’s difficult tasks at work because i have no idea what it is, but maybe it’s also implying my creative side as well.  using my skills as a writer as opposed to proving a theorem.

it’s been a while since i’ve felt that feeling that you have after you take a really hard test and you’re completely drained.  i seriously hate that feeling but there’s a feeling of fulfillment from that too.  that feeling of accomplishment and potential being used.

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so my snowboard is sitting in my living room.  i think i’ve put in on, oh maybe, 3 times this week to stand in them and practice my ‘edges’ just chillin on my couch with them on.  only if i could move, i’d hobble around in my apt in them.  it sucks that this is a seasonal sport…mostly for america.   but i can’t wait to go back up to the mountains.

possible locations?
whistler, canada
colorado rockies again
lake tahoe
big bear, CA
albequerque, NM
sand dunes of the sahara

regardless, it’s gonna have AT least once next year.  i’m itching to get carving down.  i just wanna freakin turn.  i’m not talking traversing/feathering.  i’m talkin about livin life down the mountain and doing the toe turn break.  yeah…even bought pants today.  talk about just looking like an ass in my badass clothes.

brand check: salomon, burton, vans, flow, nautica, oakley = all on sale, fools!

side note:  thinking of selling my sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 for something else but it’s dam nice to have that wide/macro lens…  need to buy a flash tho (canon 430ex) and want that 85mm f/1.8 prime baby.

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ben’s brother – stuttering
glen hansard – fallen from the sky
plies ft akon – hypnotized
western union ft snoop – hat to the back
gin blossoms – til i hear it from you
dan fogelberg & tim weisman – guitar etude no. 2
hamilton, joe frank and reynolds – baby, i’m falling in love again
ll cool j – 4, 3, 2, 1
go-go’s – vacation
michael buble – everything

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being in meetings all day you hear words you wouldn’t hear normally on a daily basis.  well…at least i wouldn’t. 

 here are my words of the day:


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just a remarkable milestone for the rockets.  takes a lot of heart, determination, and mental strength.  when you lose, you sometimes give yourself a break and pick up on the next game.  but when you have a streak, your mind is mentally thinking of the next thing. 

big tests next week tho:
hornets, again

i don’t care if we lose the rest of the games after, just knock these three down.  that’s called clinching the playoffs, son.

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cracking your back when you feel like you’re stretching it.  best feeling in the world.
big booger taken care of.
finding that perfect song for that exact moment.
getting 31 kills on cod4.
putting on freshly washed sheets before bed.
busting out into running man when you get hype while screaming OOOOH and cheesin’.