twenty-seven years invested.
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i think a lot of the reason we tend to be lazier nowadays is because we’re on information overload.  we have to give things time to sort of soak in.  it always seems like we never have enough time to do the things we need to do but at the same time, we seem to always do a lot of nothing too.  i have so much crap to do…mainly just personal errands and chores that i tend to put off because i think there are so many other things that i need to do so i’ll rest before doing it.  maybe it’s just called procrastination.  but i still believe that we move at such a fast pace that we forget how to do a lot of things.

did that make sense?

keep expanding the highways to fit more people to get to places faster yet we spend more hours in traffic than doing a lot of other things.  it’s like after work, i have to choose my battle of what to do.  mainly because i would rather not go home but then do i want to get stuck in traffic trying to do something else?  5-7pm is just a blackout time for doing anything.

i’d do an analogy but meh.  just rambling.

in other news, quarterlife is a good show.   it’s kinda like watching an indie film about 6 friends going through the time in their life that well…i should be going through and kinda am.  the whole ‘finding yourself’ time of your life.  pretty believeable cast but whenever a show like this gets on the air, it usually gets pulled off so we’ll see.

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xbox 360
new tennis racquet
new driver club
new ski jacket
baller sofa for apartment
new car maybe next year?

world travels
revisit montreal
snowboard in tahoe and whistler
tan in sydney
party in rio de janeiro
drink wine in france
eat in italy
tea-time in london
cruise hong kong harbor
eat sashimi in tokyo
surf in san diego
play golf in hawaii
freeze in switzerland
take pictures in new zealand and everywhere else i visit
…and relax at home.

 you try to imagine a budget for all those trips…that’s enough to put down for a house.

mortgage?  i don’t want that in my vocabulary yet.