twenty-seven years invested.
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i love fig newtons.

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maybe i’m just listening when it’s being said but why do we, as humans, take on the research of rats and apply it to our behavioral sciences?  how come we test things on their skin to see if there is a reaction, or even feed them certain drugs.  i guess it all goes back to the cheese maze days and the shock therapy tests.  i dunno.

meanwhile, shows i watch this january season…
october road
american gladiator

waiting for others to start up.  i wanna join the dvr bandwagon someday.  make my life easier without having to set the vcr everyday.  amirite?

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i was looking at my driver’s license and it said born in 83 with expiration date 13.  if you didn’t read that correctly, i woulda thought “whoaaa…i’m 70 when my license expires.”  but i’m not.  i’ll be 30.  that’s sad.   oh well, happy new year!