twenty-seven years invested.
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htc mogul
htc touch
sanyo S1

blackberry curve
samsung katalyst
tmobile wing

htc tilt
iphone not really

not really any phones that i’m impressed with but at the same time i don’t really care.  but it’s cool to have a cool phone.  gotta be one of the cool cats zooming in and out of their browser on websites that you just saw when you left the house or stay connected 24/7.  but it’s kinda cool to have google maps or gps on phones tho.  that helps a lot.  just can’t seem to wanna pay for EXTRA internet on a phone.  main reason i would is just because i’m bored when i’m in the restroom at work and tired of looking at old text messages.

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i guess it all depends how you were brought up or even how you live your life now.  there are some people that i come in contact with where people have always had things done for them.  that’s great for them and some people are so lucky but there’s also a way to stay humble with those kind of things.  i guess the reason it bugs me so much is because there are some that abuse that ability.  they sort of get on this ridiculous power trip about it and i guess it peeves me because i get pretty annoyed by it and sometimes get defensive about it without really meaning to.  …kinda like i’m sure they don’t really mean to be bossy or demanding.  but most of the time, they know they are.

i just think it’s a weak attribute because that means you depend too much on other people.  it’s a weak attribute in being independent i guess.  i’m sure what comes around goes around, but it sucks to see people get the go around sometime because i don’t like seeing people getting the bottom end of the deal unless they truly deserve it.  it’s that whole ‘put yourself in their shoes’ mentality that i have embedded in my head.  it sometimes gets the better of me making me to be “too nice.”  unless i’m just in shady mode.

meh.  all i’m saying is be considerate of other people.  it doesn’t work the same way when people say “i don’t care what people think of me.”  it’s just commen sense and consideration of others.

oh… and don’t show off.  that’s just tacky when you know that’s what you’re trying to do.

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can’t wait to move into my own place.
can’t wait to get to somewhat of a normal schedule.
can’t wait to get rid of these student loans oen day.
can’t wait to load up my flickr like craazy.
can’t wait to spend all my hard-earned money on nothing.
can’t wait to travel more.
can’t wait for the new year.

can wait to go back to mississippi to finish off the last leg.
can wait to go back to regular time pay.
can wait to try to get back in shape.
can wait for the hot weather to come back.