twenty-seven years invested.
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i’m a good guy. i just needed to know i wasn’t losing my mind.
i think i can actually get some sleep tonight. ridiculous, i know.

just once.

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the mix up

The Mix-Up


pretty tight that they came out with an instrumental LP. think it’s pretty impressive and stepping away from all the mainstream and just doin what they wanna do now. you’re probably gonna hear this playing at all the lounges and all the other nifty little cool places that people go, like… urban outfitters. but really, this stuff is pretty sick.



songs to check out:
freaky hijiki
suco de tangerina
the gala event

spring awakening

Spring Awakening (2006 Original Broadway Cast)


on the other side of music, ain’t gonna lie. some musicals are pretty good. this one is apparently the ‘rent’ of this generation. but seriously, the thing that got me interested was knowing that duncan sheik composed the music for the broadway show. has more a rock vibe and a pretty laid back play in comparison to the regular stuff. i’m down to go to NYC just to check this out with the original cast. so yeah, if you like this stuff go listen to the soundtrack.



songs to check out:
the guilty ones
touch me
don’t do sadness / blue wind

the reminder

The Reminder

yeah, just typical starbucks music. haha unique voice.


songs to check out:
the limit to your love
brandy alexander


songs to check out:
falling slowly
when your minds made up
if you want me

not worth listening to until you see the movie. great movie. it ain’t an action film i can tell you that. glen hansard is a genius though. call it emo if you want, it’s a damn good film. i’m proud of this film though. such a simple film done right.


my music is just in damn hippie mode right now. enjoy.

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having peace of mind when i go to bed is important to me.  the fact that my mind runs upon a constant blur of running thoughts does not make it easy for me to sleep easy.  i remember when i was in middle school/high school, there were certain cd’s i would listen to.  what’s ridiculous is that i would play the same cd until the cd grew it’s phase and i would move onto another.  nonetheless, just the fact that i needed to listen to these songs so that it calmed me enough to relax… to actually fall asleep.  or hell, maybe i just got dam tired.  cuz it seems that’s what i have to do now.  i have to wait until i’m completely exhausted before i can realize…oh my alarm just went off.  dang it!

i’m sure i’m not the only one but it would just feel pretty chill if i could just turn off the tv and knock out like nothin.  you know…just like how you feel when you come home from work.   but man, i need to just get out of this funk.  funkadelic.

the quarter-life crisis strikes!  what are we all supposed to do?!

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just have to keep living and keep moving.  i have some in my pocket and that’s what is important.  doesn’t matter how much more or how much less people have of it.  it matters that you’re doing what’s right with it and living comfortably.  it lets you keep up with the world.

i dunno, i guess i’m just frustrated right now.

i just wish i wasn’t so hung up on the issue of it.  i guess it was because of the way i was raised, i grew up cautious and frugal when it came to it.  i never just spent what i had, i always had to keep more and spend a little but it never really got me further than other people.  it just made me paranoid.

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“we just want what’s best for you.”
“oh, don’t do that.  you won’t like it.”
“when i was your age…”

i think i’m to the point where i’ve heard everything.  i’m pretty much and my boiling point.  where i have soaked in as much information and knowledge that’s been passed down to me from my parents, my elders,  and my peers.  i’m at this stage where i’m really restless but i’m not doing anything put well…anything into motion.  i’m sort of in this idle state where i’m scared to take a step into a new direction.  sure there are benefits of playing it safe and staying pretty conservative, but where is the risk involved?  where will i find the gains of life?  when will i realize what i want and don’t want?

i can’t… because i let everyone else make my decisions for me.  i use everyone’s advice to adhere what i should be doing as to what i want to do.  i know… should and want are different things but if i know right from wrong, the things i want to do can be the things i should do.  but i’ll never know if i don’t step out and do something on my own…for myself.

one instance is to stop comparing to everyone around me and what they have and what they are doing…  it’s keeping up with the jones’, i know but it’s not necessarily the right way.  i’m just fed up with how bored i am, how lacking of motivation i have become, and just how ridiculously stressed out i am now because i’m not happy with myself.  i don’t feel any sense of liberation.

i want to go to bed at night knowing that i am tired.  knowing that i have another big day of life ahead of me instead of walking through it like a damn zombie.  maybe it’s my line of work, maybe it’s my personality, maybe it’s my lack of initiative right now.

one thing i know for sure is that i am not ever going to accept that…maybe this is the way life is supposed to be.  cuz to me, that’s a bunch of bullshit.

here’s to a bright, healthy, loving and happy future.

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sade – kiss of life
duncan sheik – barely breathing
jason mraz – sleep all day

…to be added to in the future.