twenty-seven years invested.
category: nocturnal

I dressed up for work last night around 2:45am thinking it was 6:45am and that I was late.  What made it interesting was that dad was in the living room watching tv like he usually does in the morning sometimes so I thought nothing of it only for him to ask me “Where are you going?”  I said “Work.”  Then he said “What?!”

And I saw the clock at it said 2:59am.  I was like, yeah it’s 7 o clock, I’m late.  Then I looked at my cell phone in my pocket and it said 2:59.  Then he said, I knew you weren’t going to the bar because it’s closed.  Can you imagine if my dad wasn’t in the living room how far I would have driven to work this morning?  I felt so dumb and delirious.  No really, I had never done that and I don’t know what possessed me to wake up like that.  I swore I heard my alarm and the clock said what I thought I did.  I think I need to get more sleep.  Haha, I’m not working out today just to rest.  That is ridiculous.

So I went back to sleep until I heard my alarm (again, for me at least).  Crazy!

category: workout

32 minutes, 3 miles.
not bad but i gotta find my stride.

check 1,2.

and then...