twenty-seven years invested.
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it’s always the same questions everytime it’s time to decide for a new phone.  your obligatory 2-year contract is up and it’s time to get a new phone.  how did it come to the point where such an expensive device is so disposable after only 2 years of use?  why is it that we get so sick of it so quickly?

i think it’s mainly because it becomes another extension of our arm.  you rely on the information that it holds now as opposed to just a phone.  it’s smarter than that.  sometimes it bugs me when people still use their phones when you go on a vacation.  you sorta forget what the purpose of a vacation is – and that’s to get away.  turn off the outside world and just live in the moment you’re in.

anyway, getting off the topic.  i’m really hating my phone right now, especially since i’ve been waiting for my phone to complete whatever process it is doing restoring my phone so i can STOP getting the stupid hour glass symbol when i actually NEED to use the phone.  the fact that i have to take the battery out and wait another 5 minutes doesn’t seem to be the most expected thing you want your phone to do when you need it.

as for some projects i’m working on, i’m really wanting the iPhone now.  it’s a great social media tool.  it has the most compatible apps for updates and it seems to be where developers tend to prioritize their time programming for, even ahead of android, microsoft or symbian.  my thing is that my contract with t-mobile lets up next month.  do i bite my tongue and get the 3GS now?  wait in hopes of the next gen model to come out next june?  maybe t-mobile 3G service will be better by then?  go to sprint and get the hero in hopes of the hype they call 4G?

always wanting the next best thing is greedy but it’s also keeping ahead of the curve when it’s a great tool for communicating.  funny how dependent we’ve become but it’s also geeky fun also.

the htc hero looks mighty clean too though.  who will be the next winner for the next 2 years?!  i’m only paying 60/mo for service with t-mobile. that’s spoiled me in itself also…son!

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this effect that’s used in marketing really gets me.  i never realized how much i use this scenario to make my decision and it works.

say you see shoes that are being sold for $100 that you really like that has everything and the style you wanted it in.  there’s also another pair of shoes being sold for $75 that you see but doesn’t have the same comfort you had in the $100 shoes but they looks pretty close to the one you want.  it’ll get the job done but it’s not the one you want.

now here’s the kicker, there is a third item that is $135 that fits perfectly and is ridiculously comfortable, perfect style, etc.  in marketing, this is the decoy product.  it’s the product that makes you realize that the highest price object is great but you don’t need all the bells and whistles.  this then makes you refer to get the first item you initally were looking at when you came into the store.  it’s almost right to never to second guess yourself if you know what it is that you want or choosing something.  it’s interesting…  it’s a ploy to make you spend more than you want to but make it seem reasonable.  almost happens with everytime you buy a car also.  negotiations, man.

just like the impulse aisle in the grocery store when you’re waiting to check out.  they put all those candies, small gadgets and magazines while you wait because it’s pretty easy to glance around and pick up another item you don’t need on your way out.  it makes you spend without even really thinking about it.  ahhh, gotta love the impulse buy.

i’m sure this was written all out of whack.  just typing off the top of my head.

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xbox 360
new tennis racquet
new driver club
new ski jacket
baller sofa for apartment
new car maybe next year?

world travels
revisit montreal
snowboard in tahoe and whistler
tan in sydney
party in rio de janeiro
drink wine in france
eat in italy
tea-time in london
cruise hong kong harbor
eat sashimi in tokyo
surf in san diego
play golf in hawaii
freeze in switzerland
take pictures in new zealand and everywhere else i visit
…and relax at home.

 you try to imagine a budget for all those trips…that’s enough to put down for a house.

mortgage?  i don’t want that in my vocabulary yet.

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htc mogul
htc touch
sanyo S1

blackberry curve
samsung katalyst
tmobile wing

htc tilt
iphone not really

not really any phones that i’m impressed with but at the same time i don’t really care.  but it’s cool to have a cool phone.  gotta be one of the cool cats zooming in and out of their browser on websites that you just saw when you left the house or stay connected 24/7.  but it’s kinda cool to have google maps or gps on phones tho.  that helps a lot.  just can’t seem to wanna pay for EXTRA internet on a phone.  main reason i would is just because i’m bored when i’m in the restroom at work and tired of looking at old text messages.

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i’ve been at work for almost 13 hours.   FEEL THE WRATH!  gotta keep it going.

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just have to keep living and keep moving.  i have some in my pocket and that’s what is important.  doesn’t matter how much more or how much less people have of it.  it matters that you’re doing what’s right with it and living comfortably.  it lets you keep up with the world.

i dunno, i guess i’m just frustrated right now.

i just wish i wasn’t so hung up on the issue of it.  i guess it was because of the way i was raised, i grew up cautious and frugal when it came to it.  i never just spent what i had, i always had to keep more and spend a little but it never really got me further than other people.  it just made me paranoid.

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it’s good to see people taking the right step towards what’s important for their future.  sure you have some money in your pocket but it’s also important to know how much you can make your money worth.  i’ve learned a couple things here and there and i continue to as i go along.

sharing what you know with everyone else is important because if you don’t there is no other way to excel because you only know what you know.  and the key is diversity.  DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY…

tax-deductible?  tax-deffered?  tax-free?  which of those would you rather have?  which of those would you rather have being put on your money?   …think about it and find a way to make it happen.

hmm… what are some other points:

some of the things i’ve learned along the way are:
pay yourself before you pay anyone/anything else.

what this means is, not enough people give themselves money.  i’m not talking about you getting your paycheck then paying your bills of and whatever you have left is used for spending, but more like taking money from yourself and paying yourself.  ever think…how much money from your paycheck do you give yourself?  for instance, what if you saved just an HOUR of your paycheck a day and put it in savings… how much does that give you a week?

now imagine what you did at the end of the month if you invested that amount…  whether it be a savings with an APY, your IRA or 401(k) program, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, LIFE INSURANCE, or real estate.   where would you put it?  hmm…diversify your portfolio.  the whole point is, do it.

the key saying is “it takes money to make money” and i believe that.  in our economy, the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer.  KRS-ONE says perfectly…

The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer
And in the final hour many heads will lose power
What does the rich versus the poor really mean?
Psychologically it means you got to pick your team
When someone says the rich gets richer
Visualize wealth and put yourselves in the picture
The rich get richer, cause they work towards rich
The poor get poorer, cause their minds cant switch from the ghetto
Let go, its not a novelty
You could love your neighborhood without loving poverty
Follow me, every mother, father, son, daughter
Theres no reason to fear the new world order
We must order the whole new world to pay us
The new world order and the old state chaos

to work towards what you want.  WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER.  it all makes sense now because YOU have the responsibility of what to do with your money now.  sure, you can have your fun and spoil yourself here and there but don’t forget about the big picture.  your future.  investing to make your money work hard for you.  stress the shit out of your money, so later you can sit and be happy instead of your money just sitting there doing nothing.  i’m just helpin out cuz you guys inspire with this talk.

Educate yourselves, make your world view bigger
Visualize wealth and put yourselves in the picture!

now can someone just pay for my student loans so i can stop stressing about it for the next 5-10 years?

one more thing, make your payments to yourself automated.  have it deduct from your checking account every month to a savings account – the amount is up to you.  try 10%.  you’ll be amazed how much you won’t even notice that it was taken out, yet you will have this extra pocket of money.  visualize.

the real life game of monopoly.