twenty-seven years invested.
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john legend – evolver | release date: 10/28/08

i’m anticipating this release.  the leaks have been good.  now for the mastered tracks.

Paper Trail

t.i. – paper trail | release date 9/30/08

i was never really a fan of T.I.’s stuff until his latest soon-to-be-released album on 9/30/08.  top joints i fancied are the debut single, swagga like us, also porn star is a good track, but my favorite track is the one with john legend – slide show.  dead and gone with justin timberlake is alright but i’m sure it’ll hit the radio.  he’s smart on this album.  it’s not so gimmicky and more like he’s learning how to approach his tracks and learning from the best.

…looking from the surface,
it may seem that i got reason to be nervous,
then observe my work and see that my adversity was worth it.
verses autobiographical,
absolutely classical,
last thing im worried bout is what another rapper do.
aint nobody hot as me,
even if they rap they ass off, blast off and have outstanding qualities,
sell alotta records, i respect and salute that.
but spitting real life on hot beats – im the truth of that,
you kick it like me no exaggeration necessary,
living revolutionary,
nothing less than legendary…

that’s tiight.  haha

other mentionable future releases:
common – u.m.c. (universal mind control) | release date:  9/30/08

i’m hoping for some old common style music on this one.  announcement is a good chill club track and you can’t be disappointed if it’s a pharrell joint.  then again he is quoted…

“Common may be known for his stimulating lyrics, but for ‘Universal Mind Control,’ he shamelessly admits that ‘barbecues and strippers’ were some of his main inspirations. ‘This album isn’t super thought-provoking…it’s just on some fun shit.’” – Billboard

ryan leslie – self titled | release date:  10/21/08

he’s a genius already.  the fact that he puts it into music is another impressive thing.  i just appreciate his addict-like work ethic when he gets in the groove.

kanye west – 808′s and heartbreak:  mid-december

he’s a maniac when it comes to his music.  it’s apparently claimed by him that the album will be completed for mastering in the next 2 weeks.  love lockdown – i’m still trying to comprehend it.  it’s a simple concept of a track.  it’s melody and drums but has a contagious hook on it that stays in your head.  i know because i hear it in my head all day.   not to mention the bass beats in the beginning and the end also play in my head.  dum dum doooom….dum dum dooom.

it just seems like everyone is making G.O.O.D music again.  respect your art and people will respect you.  your money will mean so much more when you do that.

dot dot dot…

as for the hurricane, i took some pics from around the city when i drove around so i’ll hopefully get some of that up.  it’s an amazing spectacle to sort of picture what happened on a large scale.  what strikes me though are all the power people working around the clock to restore houston again.  people complain about not having power and i understand it because it’s frustrating when you see people across the street or next door and they have power.  trust me, i know the feeling.  but at the same time, i applaud the workers working around the clock to get the city back up.  whenever i see a cherry picker truck driving around, you know what they are doing.  they are basically the FDNY of 9/11 for ike’s restoration.  the fact they had people from 31 states volunteer their efforts to come and help get this city back on it’s feet.

also, you have to give it up to houston.  even though, i’m sick of this city and i complain about how there’s “nothing to do,” we always open the city up to everyone who comes in here.  taking in evacuees from rita, katrina, and now ike.  it sucks to know that “g-town brown” is not even there anymore.  or kemah.  or crystal beach.  man, i even saw pictures of sea wolf park.  that’s sad because that was a childhood place the family would have birthdays and go fishing.

snipshot seawolf.jpg

it’s gonna be a while til things return back to normal but you gotta keep living and keep moving forward.  sometimes it takes a hurricane to realize how fortunate our lives are and not to take the things you have for granted.  there’s a lot of other topics i want to blog about but i’ll leave for another day.  until then, keep the music lines open.

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i saw this on palladium/MHD last night and i liked NIN somewhat but never thought to see them live. i thought it would just be some crazy moshpit but it seems like a ridiculously intense concert. it’s almost like a cult following of people in the audience waiting for to get high off the performance. ridiculous stage presence. it’s like watching that scene in blade where he walks into the vampire club waiting for the blood bath. it’s kinda sadistic looking but pretty cool watching that it just feeds off the energy of the performance.

/end goth rant

in other news, everyone be safe with all this hurricane business this weekend.  do ur preps but don’t go over your head.  do what you need and take care of the fam.

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life in pictures… coronado island, laguna beach, huntington beach, del mar beach, ocean beach, san diego zoo, balboa park, sunrises, sunsets, great food… what more can you say… just a chill place to lay out.

more on myflickr.
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having stared at this wall and what i’ve wanted to do, i decided not to just go with one flat color but instead, i pulled out three.  i’m happy with the results.  “oh but you have to paint it back when you leave”  – well, you gotta move out too.  no biggie. 

i smile when i see it.  it’s like a show came to my house and redid my pad.  i’m so fly.

lemme throw you some keys to making precision lines:

  • clear painting caulk – spread it on with your finger along the painting tape to create a seal.  presto!  so when you pull of the tape, it makes that clean, precision line you want but never get.
  • laser line thinagamajig – straight line guide as u put up the tape.  thank you for this invention.

and i guess that’s as exciting as life gets right now.  back to the grind for a couple days and back to another 3 day weekend.  9/80 schedule wins!  :]

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- put new hard drive in mac – spent all night re-installing, upgrading, modifying. latest i’ve stayed up in a while. MEANWHILE…
- car was broken into. broke driver window, took car stereo and dug through my glove compartment and took remote to radio but left my ipod. f*ckin idiot. damn clean job taking the glass tho, i have no idea what they did with that.
- got windows replaced before kanye concert in some ghetto area on hardy tollway and little rock. cheap as hell tho. worth it.
- kanye concert – ate at chocolata (damn good peanut butter chocolate ice cream). lame camera rule, had to check it in. lupe was tight but he started 20 minutes early. n.e.r.d. did all the hype hits but the mosh they got on stage was meh, whack group of guys who moshed for 15 seconds then one guy tried to start crumping like a meh. rhianna set actually got people hype – everyone busted out their umbrellas. kanye – solo – all you need, nuff said. and the random floating femme bot that he had wet dreams about. atop of that, the reefer in the air was strong and downwind. so let’s just say everyone was into it.
- oh and rockets lost. season is over :( ’til next year…

- fake out to schlitz in galveston – too damn expensive
- improv comedy night – i didn’t know what to expect considering it was in a shady spot in the town & country area but as the night went on, it got funnier. it’s ridiculous sitting in the front tho. good thing cuz they pick on the people in the back for obvious reasons.

- farmer’s market – meh, something random but i’ll stick to going to the grocery. i would say it’s cheaper tho.
- sweet tomatoes has breakfast? it’s fair, nothing great but still…they have sunday breakfast?
- fairfield outlets – got meez a jacket and some plates.
- had to reformat a friend’s laptop cuz i screwed it up cuz was annoying using it cuz it was so slow so i tried to ‘fix’ that problem only to cause a glitch. hopefully i was able to save some stuff on it but spent the whole night debugging it so i could reinstall the OS.

i promise it was more interesting than it all sounds. haha except messing with computers cuz that’s just annoying cuz you can only work as fast as it’ll let you. limewire loads torrents now – didn’t know that. anyway, chill hangout at the apt soon?

madonna – hard candy
kanye west – graduation
james morrison – undiscovered

austin – 11 days
san diego – 39 days
las vegas – 52 days

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i’ve been at work for almost 13 hours.   FEEL THE WRATH!  gotta keep it going.

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it was one of those weekends where you want to do 1000 things, but know you can’t but you try anyway.

i gotta say i’m pretty proud of myself today. i jogged 6 miles today – 3 miles each on 2 different trails.
it’s funny because this is what my playlist consisted of while i jogged, and it got me through it:


  • dj unk / walk it out – surprisingly this song has the right jog tempo. foot hit on the downbeat…it got replayed several times.
  • j. timberlake / my love (some club remix) – mad fruit if i got caught listening to it but it’s a long song, like 12″ version.
  • pcd / beep – gay.
  • de la soul / shopping bags – it would be so badass to hit a club and they played beats like this. that and it would be a tight song to choreo for a girls part.
  • pharrell ft snoop / that girl – it’s just a chill song, so my head was clear of thoughts when i listened to it.

so if i calculated right, my first run was about 36 minutes for 3 mi. and at the other was 34 min. not bad.

my trails for the day…
memorial park 3 mi trail
rice university trail

next endeavors:
galveston sea wall
hermann park
buffalo bayou park
this one bayou trail in the heights.

at hermann park, the japan festival was going on. it was small but big turnout considering and never gone to the japanese garden down there which is ok but it’s something ‘to-do’. saw the imperial rome exhibit at the natural science museum which kinda was weak sauce. i basically looked a statue heads, spoons, and a couple coins… meh.i wanna check out this british pub, firkin and phoenix on westheimer. looks pretty cool. it’s next to where the diedrick’s coffee used to be where a friend of mine had a huge spider land on them. forgot who it was. :-/ crazy tho. but i still think gingerman pub seem cooler tho. any other suggestions?

planet earth on discovery this show is pretty cool. i want to watch it more for the effort and time it took to create and the angles that they got are ridiculous, esp watching it on HD. especially the bird of paradise.

ridiculous. the story about this bird is cute too. it’s the mad cocky guy who thinks he can get all the girls so he tries to mate call all the hot chicks but gets “MEH’d”. it’s kinda sad but damn that sucks. haha he’s pretty ridiculous in his efforts tho. ooh wee.

in addition to that, the story about our polar bears is just sad. due to melting ice and i guess, global warming it’s just sad how hard the efforts for them to eat get. it’s just crazy.

hmm…what else.

i guess it was just cool to see a lot of people out around houston. just shows the city could come alive if we had more weather like this. i guess we could thank a lot of the indoor malls and stuff due to the weather most of the year. but mama said there would be days like this.

and that’s the weekend update. i miss having days like i had this weekend.