twenty-seven years invested.
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so one of those playlists on my itunes when i hit the genius button came up and it was for paolo nutini – last request.  as soon as i played this playlist, a stream of nostalgia hit.  all of a sudden i can smell and feel moments from the past.  nothing bad or negative but familiar.  it just makes me wonder about the future.  as you grow older, for some people, family changes and so do little traditions that you once had.  also, the people you see.  it goes from frequent to rarely.

i like the idea of family. it’s comfort, it’s home. i certainly admire those who take care of theirs and hopefully have one of my own someday.

never post after midnight. it’s just emo.

happy valentine’s day to all!

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it’s always the same questions everytime it’s time to decide for a new phone.  your obligatory 2-year contract is up and it’s time to get a new phone.  how did it come to the point where such an expensive device is so disposable after only 2 years of use?  why is it that we get so sick of it so quickly?

i think it’s mainly because it becomes another extension of our arm.  you rely on the information that it holds now as opposed to just a phone.  it’s smarter than that.  sometimes it bugs me when people still use their phones when you go on a vacation.  you sorta forget what the purpose of a vacation is – and that’s to get away.  turn off the outside world and just live in the moment you’re in.

anyway, getting off the topic.  i’m really hating my phone right now, especially since i’ve been waiting for my phone to complete whatever process it is doing restoring my phone so i can STOP getting the stupid hour glass symbol when i actually NEED to use the phone.  the fact that i have to take the battery out and wait another 5 minutes doesn’t seem to be the most expected thing you want your phone to do when you need it.

as for some projects i’m working on, i’m really wanting the iPhone now.  it’s a great social media tool.  it has the most compatible apps for updates and it seems to be where developers tend to prioritize their time programming for, even ahead of android, microsoft or symbian.  my thing is that my contract with t-mobile lets up next month.  do i bite my tongue and get the 3GS now?  wait in hopes of the next gen model to come out next june?  maybe t-mobile 3G service will be better by then?  go to sprint and get the hero in hopes of the hype they call 4G?

always wanting the next best thing is greedy but it’s also keeping ahead of the curve when it’s a great tool for communicating.  funny how dependent we’ve become but it’s also geeky fun also.

the htc hero looks mighty clean too though.  who will be the next winner for the next 2 years?!  i’m only paying 60/mo for service with t-mobile. that’s spoiled me in itself also…son!

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don’t worry, this isn’t a story spoiler. i’m just trying to rationalize all that’s spiritual and scientific in my opinion.

this past sunday was the first time i’ve gone to church in a very long time. it’s not that i don’t want to go but i always seems to make excuses or just don’t take time out to set my alarm to wake up in the morning or end up doing something in the evening to miss the youth mass. being catholic, there’s a lot of rules to follow. do you call them rules? commandments? promises? anyway, regardless of all the beliefs that are out there, i think it’s important to have faith. i can say that i’ve really missed church. not because i feel guilty or because i HAVE to go but because there’s a sense of peace if you really take time out to meditate and take time out for yourself and God.

it’s funny because i just finished reading angels and demons tonight. how appropriate, right? i can understand as to why there is such controversy with the church and Christianity because there’s a lot of tall tales that come along with the story of the faith. should you believe in the all the secrecy behind closed walls? is it to protect the people of their faith or to keep the structure of the politics inside of the church strong? i may not be putting all these terms correctly but it’s just like science where people are wanting a solid factual basis for things but always keep ending up with more questions. but that’s what keeps you going. i think it’s really important to believe in something because if you don’t, where does it get you? what motivates you to keep going?

one thing i do agree with in the book (not that i don’t agree with anything but one point i wanted to point out) is that apathy is death. not caring, not believing, not having any relevance to anything will drive you to nothing. sure there are times where you grow apathetic to a situation but always try to put yourself in a position of what the scenario is and come to a conclusion. like it said in the book, there would be no light without darkness. all the contrasts are good because how can you know what something is until you know what it’s like without it also.

the book ended kinda weird but gotta end a story somehow. :-P

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you can say that this generation has it made. think about it. what other generation has more opportunities given to them than we do. the amount of information out there is out there for our taking. a lot of times, people couldn’t afford encyclopedias to keep at their house to educate themselves or for research purposes. i feel like we know what’s out there but i think there’s only a few select that maximize it to it’s fullest potential. what makes it hard for us though is because we have everything to our disposal, the expectations are monumental. you’re expected to excel beyond those expectations.

when i was working, you always heard how the senior positions at the company would look at the new grads with a new sort of fire about them. they had the spunk that would keep the company going or would go the extra mile because we were eager to learn and of course…make the extra money. do you think there’s a limit as to how far is enough or should you try to push things further? i guess it’s a matter of how you envision your life and prioritize what’s meaningful.

i think “wow, we really can do anything we want” but how bad do you want it?

do all the common conveniences make us more lazy? do they distract us from focusing on one goal and strive for it? i think it might be a combination of both. the fact that we ARE given everything can be overwhelming but that’s life. as humans, i think we’re insatiable. we all want all that we can have instantaneously that we forget about the process through to the finish line. i think about it when i wanna read a ton of books. instead of devouring the story, i wanna get through it so i can read the next book.

life is so hurried because i think we don’t slow down sometimes to take it all in. now, now, now! step back and put all the things that matter in your life into perspective. you’ve got it pretty well. it may not be ideal, but you always know there’s someone somewhere wishing they could be where you are and have what you have.

deep thoughts by jack handy. the more you know. sit ubu sit.

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music: speaks to me
photography: opens my eyes
food: entices me
biking: drives me, i guess literally.
lists: push me
family: comforts me
traveling: brings me a new perspective
weather: sucks in houston
work: is on hiatus
life: brews up some crazy scenarios you have to figure out
time: never enough but really slow
success: inspires me
hard work: gets my respect
goals: need to be accomplished
babies: need to be made
cooking: is like making food
wine: is sickulous when paired perfectly with the right food
rocky: better not make another movie
junk in my apt: needs to be chunked or sold
coins: need to be rolled
grind: is what i need to get on, daily
snowboarding: is missed and we’ll be reunited soon

got any things: actions?

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i always wonder what it would be like if i went different routes, career-wise.

physical therapy
this was the route i wanted to take in high school but i did horribly when it came to bio-sciences.  i preferred to do chemistry and physics.  i actually wish i went more chemical but i think i woulda been crying more than i do now if i did.  PT inspired me as there are so many routes to go.  i wanted to go into sports medicine but also i wanted to help rehabilitate those who really wanted to get to doing a lot of motor skills that we give up for granted.  what held me back was my confidence in my potential and not making it into PT school which i was always told is sometimes harder to get into than med school as places in programs are very limited.  i always wish how i would’ve done as i know i would have felt more fulfilled going that route but i knew it would take longer than my goal time of finishing.

i really wish i went to a normal public school instead of that of a health profession magnet school but considering the alternatives and where i would have had to attend in my zone area, i was better off.  i wish i had a chance to take more architecture electives.  i was always intrigued with creating buildings and bridges with my imagination.  i think you’re willing to put in the extra hours in the drafting studios and working on blue prints if you are passionate about your design.  also, chicks dig guys who are architects.  it’s a fact…watch HIMYM :-P   also it’s cool to walk around with those drawing tubes everywhere you go, but i’m sure i’d sweat bullets come presentation day.  but be proud of your product, be proud of your brand.

marketing and advertising
my dad really tried to push me away from going the business route as he felt i didn’t have the personality to be cutthrough enough and that i would be worthless at the end of the day at work.  in some ways, i agree but so many parts of that industry are what really get my mind going.  i think i’m pretty good with brainstorming and stupid catch phrases and mostly, i’m a sucker for wordplay.  i hate what the advertising industry is represented as and that they are a bunch of monsters but it’s a competitive market so you always need your a-game, not to mention you always have to stay in the loop with what is now and what will be and how the past can impact the future in whatever your client’s product is trying to sell or promote.  i always had an itch for this stuff.

jesus was a carpenter, you know.  i think i would have had a lot of fun being a tool belt man.  i just think it would be fun.  it’s a pretty flexible but stressfull schedule but if you don’t mind what you do, it makes the day like it was a day well spent.  not to mention, it saves mad money on remodels if it ever comes to your own house and you have all the connections of all the people you need if you need something done.  win-win.

this’ll always be a hobby, so no regrets here.

i think i still have an opportunity to do any of these but we’ll see.  i just want to put it out there so i can read back at it if something inside me triggers something and i have some crazy epiphany.  other than that, i have to pee now.

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so when i’m running at memorial park, it’s cool to see people training for events. the way you can tell is by seeing people running in packs. not even necessarily running, there are packs of cyclists training for the up-coming ms150 and it’s good to see some type of active lifestyle here in houston.  it’s motivating, if you actually pay attention to the things around you, because you sort of pick up on that energy.  there’s the camaraderie and the peer motivation to keep you going.

i wish i was out there more often but i lose motivation getting there.  i need to join a gym again, as much as i don’t want the extra expenses, that’s when i was around people that made me want to push to stay in shape.  not to mention i just miss playing ball and sports, in general.  life gets pretty boring in my 7-5 lifestyle.

wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch tv, go to bed.

it’s funny because all day leading up to leaving work, i plan out in my head the sequence of what i’m gonna do after i get home.  then once i sit down, it’s game over.  :-T i hate my lazy mentality.  i think ok, i’ll watch tv for 30 minutes and veg out.  next thing, i know it’s 9:30 and hadn’t done crap except maybe eat.  horrible disposition, in my opinion.

i’m gonna get a dog.

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inspiring.  it’s inspiring to me because it’s a stripped down piece of work.  it’s the aspect of what makes candid moments, well, candid.  it’s the moments where people let their guard down because there is no sense of surveillance therefore you act as if you were “to dance like no one is watching.”

there are so many things that you can do to make this a great piece – from an inspiring short film, to a music video that is relative to the situation, or even a great advertising campaign that seems genuine.  if you add words that have an impact, it can make you think.  if you add music, it can make you feel.

they people in the video really are great – i wish it made the full revolution but it was pretty imaginative and care-free.  a lot of things i tend to forget about on a daily basis.  anyway, fun vid.  if you don’t see it, i dunno what else to say.  one of those epiphany moments or something.

randoms of the day on tv:
the office – kelly got an hour nap; angela is a pussy licker; jim and dwight collabo; pam going “ayo!”
top chef – carla is a hoot, that is all
celtics vs mavs – garnett losing his cool all on his own.  his head needs to shrink down a bit.

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so home movies like this make me appreciate family. better yet, it makes me excited to have a family of my own one day. i just hope that it can be as happy and carefree as this movie makes it to be because as much as people sometimes say it can’t, i believe that it can. there are hardships but it’s the people and that one person you’re with that will make those hardships bearable and worth it. make your complications simple and your days full. meanwhile, i’ve never seen so many happy faces in one video before and i appreciate that.

jason mraz has always been one of my favorite artists because of his wordplay and his melody. not to mention he sorta gets life as he sees it. this clip just has a great capture of life while spontaneously walking down the street of paris. everything just seems relative and carefree. i like days like that.

for those who have seen the movie, once, it’s one of the movies on my top movies i’ve seen list. glen hansard is a genius in his art. his music for the movie are all pretty melancholy and i thought this was hilarious because hey…people can have a sense of humor too in all their seriousness. not to mention he’s an artist from dublin and this was at stubb’s in austin, this woulda been a great thing to see live. i guess i like moments that aren’t rehearsed but sorta just happen in the moment cuz you can’t get those moments back. if you weren’t there then you basically just…missed it.

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strike of emo.  listened to a handful of songs this morning and all of them hit me with that feeling you get when you forget about things that make you feel meh and appreciate all the good things.