twenty-seven years invested.
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when you grow up, do you feel like you’ve gained more friends or lost more friends? by that, i guess you can take it in the literal sense or go deeper where you have found out who your long term friends are going to be in your life. it’s funny how in our youth, especially in college that our one many main mediums was using AIM to chat with everyone. i seems like the age of instant messaging died in a sense. sure, there is the era of texting and Twitter now but that seems limited in comparison to having full unabridged conversation. sure, leave that for “In Real Life” situations but it just seems like the people we do see, we refer to what we already know because of what we read or overheard.

life is one big gossip reel until it’s confirmed by the main source. this is just a general realization, no random poke at anyone or anything. i just think how interesting technology has made social interaction more present but not. sure, the introverted can relate more to others through a medium and the extroverted can reach out to a wider audience but has it made life that much more simple? the more exposed you are, the more obligations you have also; in the personal but also the business world. you’re obligated to connect 24/7.

i like that we give ourselves these personal leashes. cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. they are truly conveniences and can be helpful but how much do we rely on them and how do we react without them?

the younger generations ahead of us are learning to get bored quicker because things go out of fad so quickly now. means to get things are simpler. there’s always an evolution to what we do, i’m just wondering where we’re going next.

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pretty much every night before i go to bed, i have a million thoughts running through my head and i think “why don’t i get up and blog about it?” and then laziness sets in so i don’t.

running: it takes a lot of discipline and motivation to keep me going.  i always wanted to be one of those people that considered 3 miles as a warmup and would run about 5-6 miles on an average run.  it’s pretty difficult to get myself going.  i’m not talking about getting myself started to run but getting myself out there to run.  a lot of it mental and i let myself always talk myself out saying “it’s too hot”, “i’ll wait until it gets darker outside so it’s cooler”, “let me take a quick nap and rest”, “i should be studying instead of running.”  then you realize that you are a champion.  jokes.  i’m full of them.  but seriously, then you realize it only takes less than an hour of your day to get in one of the most efficient cardio exercises into your daily routine.

to run or not to run the day after? that’s where you have to listen to your body.  they say your body usually fully recovers in about 24 hours as long as you get the necessary rest and sleep in between.  not to mention the proper nutrition.  i dunno, i just see running as a healthy lifestyle.  it only intrigues good habits as opposed to not.  and like golf, it’s about technique to your stride that keeps it interesting.  finding the most efficient way to run and how to control your pace depending on your running distance goal.

music used on a run? yesterday i actually found that running to the girl talk – feeding the animals album has a good bpm that’s good for a jogging pace.  the a trak nike+ mix is good but then i sort of get lost in it that i forget about what i’m listening to after the lupe track hits.  so yall might want to check that out.

other hobbies?
golf. it only gets better with age.
wine. expensive hobby and put on hiatus due to the mound of untouched wine at my place.
photography. i haven’t found any interesting things to motivate me lately and the shots i’ve taken seen like crap.
traveling. eh.  i can go without for a while.  seems like everything is the same to me right now.  then again new york in october and hopefully lake tahoe for thanksgiving.  :)
work. it’s about time to move up in some way.  whether i like it or not.  tired of just sitting here.
snowboarding. please refer to traveling.  come snow season comes snowboarding.

pier by you.

*splash* by you.
san diego

me by you.
san francisco

snow circle by you.

IMG_1357.JPG by you.


OK, so maybe i miss traveling.  i wanna start jumping oceans someday.

boracay by you.

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i’m a good guy. i just needed to know i wasn’t losing my mind.
i think i can actually get some sleep tonight. ridiculous, i know.

just once.

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having peace of mind when i go to bed is important to me.  the fact that my mind runs upon a constant blur of running thoughts does not make it easy for me to sleep easy.  i remember when i was in middle school/high school, there were certain cd’s i would listen to.  what’s ridiculous is that i would play the same cd until the cd grew it’s phase and i would move onto another.  nonetheless, just the fact that i needed to listen to these songs so that it calmed me enough to relax… to actually fall asleep.  or hell, maybe i just got dam tired.  cuz it seems that’s what i have to do now.  i have to wait until i’m completely exhausted before i can realize…oh my alarm just went off.  dang it!

i’m sure i’m not the only one but it would just feel pretty chill if i could just turn off the tv and knock out like nothin.  you know…just like how you feel when you come home from work.   but man, i need to just get out of this funk.  funkadelic.

the quarter-life crisis strikes!  what are we all supposed to do?!

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“we just want what’s best for you.”
“oh, don’t do that.  you won’t like it.”
“when i was your age…”

i think i’m to the point where i’ve heard everything.  i’m pretty much and my boiling point.  where i have soaked in as much information and knowledge that’s been passed down to me from my parents, my elders,  and my peers.  i’m at this stage where i’m really restless but i’m not doing anything put well…anything into motion.  i’m sort of in this idle state where i’m scared to take a step into a new direction.  sure there are benefits of playing it safe and staying pretty conservative, but where is the risk involved?  where will i find the gains of life?  when will i realize what i want and don’t want?

i can’t… because i let everyone else make my decisions for me.  i use everyone’s advice to adhere what i should be doing as to what i want to do.  i know… should and want are different things but if i know right from wrong, the things i want to do can be the things i should do.  but i’ll never know if i don’t step out and do something on my own…for myself.

one instance is to stop comparing to everyone around me and what they have and what they are doing…  it’s keeping up with the jones’, i know but it’s not necessarily the right way.  i’m just fed up with how bored i am, how lacking of motivation i have become, and just how ridiculously stressed out i am now because i’m not happy with myself.  i don’t feel any sense of liberation.

i want to go to bed at night knowing that i am tired.  knowing that i have another big day of life ahead of me instead of walking through it like a damn zombie.  maybe it’s my line of work, maybe it’s my personality, maybe it’s my lack of initiative right now.

one thing i know for sure is that i am not ever going to accept that…maybe this is the way life is supposed to be.  cuz to me, that’s a bunch of bullshit.

here’s to a bright, healthy, loving and happy future.

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so many people are afraid of it. sometimes all you can do is embrace it.
i’ve just noticed that if you dread what’s ahead of you all the time, it makes you bitter.
sometimes you have to get it out of your system and feel in a rut,
in order to appreciate things a lot more. stay healthy.

it’s important not to get selfish with your pities because you’ll miss out on great things.
i know i’m rambling but sometimes those are the thoughts that matter the most.
life is a journey we need to travel… it’s all we’ll ever know.

carry on.

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I dressed up for work last night around 2:45am thinking it was 6:45am and that I was late.  What made it interesting was that dad was in the living room watching tv like he usually does in the morning sometimes so I thought nothing of it only for him to ask me “Where are you going?”  I said “Work.”  Then he said “What?!”

And I saw the clock at it said 2:59am.  I was like, yeah it’s 7 o clock, I’m late.  Then I looked at my cell phone in my pocket and it said 2:59.  Then he said, I knew you weren’t going to the bar because it’s closed.  Can you imagine if my dad wasn’t in the living room how far I would have driven to work this morning?  I felt so dumb and delirious.  No really, I had never done that and I don’t know what possessed me to wake up like that.  I swore I heard my alarm and the clock said what I thought I did.  I think I need to get more sleep.  Haha, I’m not working out today just to rest.  That is ridiculous.

So I went back to sleep until I heard my alarm (again, for me at least).  Crazy!