twenty-seven years invested.
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my guys. if you’ve seen this show, then you’re cool.  just another one of those yuppy shows that sorta involves this 20-30 something group that has a typical “peach pit” or “max’s” or “central perk” type of hangout where everyone meets up when they are free.  it’s almost like college how there was always a common area where everyone met when they weren’t at class.  this show also relates to how i met your mother too.

well there’s an episode where one of the guys gets hired at another friend’s company as a mail clerk who also shares duties as the copy guy.  he gets called the “copy slave.”    i have a job duty that falls into this catergory as well.  i got asked by a coworker how i got stuck with this job and honestly, i don’t know.  it was sorta just thrown upon me.  ………how gracious i am for that.

in other news, i think i’m gonna end up doing the austin nike humanrace10k.  another coworker yesterday suggested that since i did a 5k already, for me to invest in training for a 10k because he said it’s redundant to train your body for the same thing?  to make the challenges more exciting and he made it sound easily doable as he did his first HALF MARATHON last january.   and all this because he saw my watch…

i sweat this watch gets people talkin… “so you’re a runner” “what kinda watch is that?” “hey is that a new band kinda thingy?”  the last question comes from wearing the head of the watch on the inside so the other side displays a nike logo.  but what i’m saying is that this watch gets you thinking you gotta keep running too.  the fact that is shows your week total and when you log on the nike site, it makes a nike “wii” type character showing what shape your in.  it’s like a freakin giga-pet basically but you have to run to keep it happy.  so that’s cool.  here’s to better health.

and to music.  new inspiration is ryan leslie.  watching his videos on youtube, he seems to be somewhat a genius…literally.  harvard graduate at 15.  just watching his work ethic in the studio is pretty inspirational, not to mention hype.  it comes off kinda cocky but i think that’s what makes it have it’s edge on his sound.  i get like that when i would do stuff just to hype myself up, so no big deal.

he’s just a sick individual.

anyway, i turn 25 tomorrow…or in a couple of hours.  a quater of a century has passed and so have the years of my life.  here’s to enjoying the rest of that century.  just call me QUARTACENT.  it’s INCREDIBLE. *cue jay-z hova music*

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it was one of those weekends where you want to do 1000 things, but know you can’t but you try anyway.

i gotta say i’m pretty proud of myself today. i jogged 6 miles today – 3 miles each on 2 different trails.
it’s funny because this is what my playlist consisted of while i jogged, and it got me through it:


  • dj unk / walk it out – surprisingly this song has the right jog tempo. foot hit on the downbeat…it got replayed several times.
  • j. timberlake / my love (some club remix) – mad fruit if i got caught listening to it but it’s a long song, like 12″ version.
  • pcd / beep – gay.
  • de la soul / shopping bags – it would be so badass to hit a club and they played beats like this. that and it would be a tight song to choreo for a girls part.
  • pharrell ft snoop / that girl – it’s just a chill song, so my head was clear of thoughts when i listened to it.

so if i calculated right, my first run was about 36 minutes for 3 mi. and at the other was 34 min. not bad.

my trails for the day…
memorial park 3 mi trail
rice university trail

next endeavors:
galveston sea wall
hermann park
buffalo bayou park
this one bayou trail in the heights.

at hermann park, the japan festival was going on. it was small but big turnout considering and never gone to the japanese garden down there which is ok but it’s something ‘to-do’. saw the imperial rome exhibit at the natural science museum which kinda was weak sauce. i basically looked a statue heads, spoons, and a couple coins… meh.i wanna check out this british pub, firkin and phoenix on westheimer. looks pretty cool. it’s next to where the diedrick’s coffee used to be where a friend of mine had a huge spider land on them. forgot who it was. :-/ crazy tho. but i still think gingerman pub seem cooler tho. any other suggestions?

planet earth on discovery this show is pretty cool. i want to watch it more for the effort and time it took to create and the angles that they got are ridiculous, esp watching it on HD. especially the bird of paradise.

ridiculous. the story about this bird is cute too. it’s the mad cocky guy who thinks he can get all the girls so he tries to mate call all the hot chicks but gets “MEH’d”. it’s kinda sad but damn that sucks. haha he’s pretty ridiculous in his efforts tho. ooh wee.

in addition to that, the story about our polar bears is just sad. due to melting ice and i guess, global warming it’s just sad how hard the efforts for them to eat get. it’s just crazy.

hmm…what else.

i guess it was just cool to see a lot of people out around houston. just shows the city could come alive if we had more weather like this. i guess we could thank a lot of the indoor malls and stuff due to the weather most of the year. but mama said there would be days like this.

and that’s the weekend update. i miss having days like i had this weekend.

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32 minutes, 3 miles.
not bad but i gotta find my stride.

check 1,2.

and then...