twenty-seven years invested.
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it’s always the same questions everytime it’s time to decide for a new phone.  your obligatory 2-year contract is up and it’s time to get a new phone.  how did it come to the point where such an expensive device is so disposable after only 2 years of use?  why is it that we get so sick of it so quickly?

i think it’s mainly because it becomes another extension of our arm.  you rely on the information that it holds now as opposed to just a phone.  it’s smarter than that.  sometimes it bugs me when people still use their phones when you go on a vacation.  you sorta forget what the purpose of a vacation is – and that’s to get away.  turn off the outside world and just live in the moment you’re in.

anyway, getting off the topic.  i’m really hating my phone right now, especially since i’ve been waiting for my phone to complete whatever process it is doing restoring my phone so i can STOP getting the stupid hour glass symbol when i actually NEED to use the phone.  the fact that i have to take the battery out and wait another 5 minutes doesn’t seem to be the most expected thing you want your phone to do when you need it.

as for some projects i’m working on, i’m really wanting the iPhone now.  it’s a great social media tool.  it has the most compatible apps for updates and it seems to be where developers tend to prioritize their time programming for, even ahead of android, microsoft or symbian.  my thing is that my contract with t-mobile lets up next month.  do i bite my tongue and get the 3GS now?  wait in hopes of the next gen model to come out next june?  maybe t-mobile 3G service will be better by then?  go to sprint and get the hero in hopes of the hype they call 4G?

always wanting the next best thing is greedy but it’s also keeping ahead of the curve when it’s a great tool for communicating.  funny how dependent we’ve become but it’s also geeky fun also.

the htc hero looks mighty clean too though.  who will be the next winner for the next 2 years?!  i’m only paying 60/mo for service with t-mobile. that’s spoiled me in itself also…son!

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Sennheiser PX 100

Sennheiser PX 100

these headphones are pretty sick for mid-grade type headphones.  sure they look like old school discman type headphones but they have pretty exceptional sound quality for the price you pay.  not to mention there are 950+ reviews to back it up.  it’s pretty good for casual listening and you don’t have to be paranoid about busting them or losing them like if you were to buy the dr. dre headphones lookin all hype.  you can’t deny headphones that have stunna rims on the outside while ur listening to your music.  i only wish they spun so you can’t look like a class act.

respectable bass, good mids, and it’s like there’s an embedded tweeter system in there.  they also compact into sunglasses-like box.

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It’s pretty cool to have a wordpress app for BlackBerry. Yet another distraction to keep me busy or jot a couple thoughts when I get a moment free. Just a test but this app is convenient.