twenty-seven years invested.
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so when i’m running at memorial park, it’s cool to see people training for events. the way you can tell is by seeing people running in packs. not even necessarily running, there are packs of cyclists training for the up-coming ms150 and it’s good to see some type of active lifestyle here in houston.  it’s motivating, if you actually pay attention to the things around you, because you sort of pick up on that energy.  there’s the camaraderie and the peer motivation to keep you going.

i wish i was out there more often but i lose motivation getting there.  i need to join a gym again, as much as i don’t want the extra expenses, that’s when i was around people that made me want to push to stay in shape.  not to mention i just miss playing ball and sports, in general.  life gets pretty boring in my 7-5 lifestyle.

wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch tv, go to bed.

it’s funny because all day leading up to leaving work, i plan out in my head the sequence of what i’m gonna do after i get home.  then once i sit down, it’s game over.  :-T i hate my lazy mentality.  i think ok, i’ll watch tv for 30 minutes and veg out.  next thing, i know it’s 9:30 and hadn’t done crap except maybe eat.  horrible disposition, in my opinion.

i’m gonna get a dog.

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i wouldn’t go this far with myself but i respect the sentiment of the people who do.

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so i completed 1/3 of my “i’m going to…’s” which is pretty ridiculous.  the 6 miles was easy mainly because of the EP5K event at the end of the week so it was given that i could complete that.  i can say one thing though, just doing another 5K – i know now that it’s doable and i can do a little more.  i remember the 10K being pretty killer but i’d really want to push myself into doing the half marathon next year.  i’d prefer to do it in houston because well…the terrain is flat for the most part.

i want the shirt.  haha, that’s what i really want.  it’s that sense of status knowing what you trained for and survived.  doing a marathon is pretty unreal to me right now because i am nowhere near that kind of shape but it’s a great test of your self will and drive to complete something on your own and you are your own opponent in finishing.  it’s just a clean shirt.  all i’m saying.

my next challenges:

i’m calling my…
i’m going to take a great photo
i’m going to learn a scale on the guitar

and raising me…
i’m going to run a 6mi run
i’m going save $300 in a month

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i’m proud of myself for commiting.  my personal best and i’m proud of that.  it goes to show you that you’re stronger than you think and that the harder you work and the harder you push, there will be gratification in the end.  this applies to life in general and not just running.  but running is life? word.

but seriously, i always told myself that i wanted to run in a real race and thankfully got friends that wanna actually do it and seems to be growing in morale.  do things that inspire your life to be better. it’s a better feeling in the end.

god is love, rev run.  haha

6.25, son!!  first 10k distance run!  i’m gonna feel this tomorrow.

also, here is the youtube vid i took down cuz i was lazy to fix the tag about the crazy uneven bar routine that i would think would have to be the standard today. it’s kinda ridiculous. she only got a 9.95. DAWT

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so i tried to push myself yesterday.  it think it’s the hardest i’ve pushed myself in a ‘training’ aspect as opposed to just running.  did anyone try doing the actual ‘my first 10k’ track that they give you for free after you sign up for the human race?  so i made myself commit to the running intervals on that track.  about halfway through it, that shit hurt.  haha talk about 1 minute intervals of sprints/walks for 10 minutes at a time.  i thought i would go a lot further within that time but i like that it jump starts you to gain some endurance and power in your run.

as to who i saw yesterday while jogging/running/walking/dying among the who’s who of houston were…

i’ve gotta hit 5 mi. on my next run.  but i think i start off way too fast but i just flow with my momentum when i start but it seriously kicks my butt at the end of the run.  i’ve gotta learn to conserve and peak at the end of the run.  we’ll see on wednesday.

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best damn eraser, bar none.


you will be mine.  by all means necessary, this represents one of my goals this year.  double meaning or not.

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pretty much every night before i go to bed, i have a million thoughts running through my head and i think “why don’t i get up and blog about it?” and then laziness sets in so i don’t.

running: it takes a lot of discipline and motivation to keep me going.  i always wanted to be one of those people that considered 3 miles as a warmup and would run about 5-6 miles on an average run.  it’s pretty difficult to get myself going.  i’m not talking about getting myself started to run but getting myself out there to run.  a lot of it mental and i let myself always talk myself out saying “it’s too hot”, “i’ll wait until it gets darker outside so it’s cooler”, “let me take a quick nap and rest”, “i should be studying instead of running.”  then you realize that you are a champion.  jokes.  i’m full of them.  but seriously, then you realize it only takes less than an hour of your day to get in one of the most efficient cardio exercises into your daily routine.

to run or not to run the day after? that’s where you have to listen to your body.  they say your body usually fully recovers in about 24 hours as long as you get the necessary rest and sleep in between.  not to mention the proper nutrition.  i dunno, i just see running as a healthy lifestyle.  it only intrigues good habits as opposed to not.  and like golf, it’s about technique to your stride that keeps it interesting.  finding the most efficient way to run and how to control your pace depending on your running distance goal.

music used on a run? yesterday i actually found that running to the girl talk – feeding the animals album has a good bpm that’s good for a jogging pace.  the a trak nike+ mix is good but then i sort of get lost in it that i forget about what i’m listening to after the lupe track hits.  so yall might want to check that out.

other hobbies?
golf. it only gets better with age.
wine. expensive hobby and put on hiatus due to the mound of untouched wine at my place.
photography. i haven’t found any interesting things to motivate me lately and the shots i’ve taken seen like crap.
traveling. eh.  i can go without for a while.  seems like everything is the same to me right now.  then again new york in october and hopefully lake tahoe for thanksgiving.  :)
work. it’s about time to move up in some way.  whether i like it or not.  tired of just sitting here.
snowboarding. please refer to traveling.  come snow season comes snowboarding.

pier by you.

*splash* by you.
san diego

me by you.
san francisco

snow circle by you.

IMG_1357.JPG by you.


OK, so maybe i miss traveling.  i wanna start jumping oceans someday.

boracay by you.