twenty-seven years invested.
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you can say that this generation has it made. think about it. what other generation has more opportunities given to them than we do. the amount of information out there is out there for our taking. a lot of times, people couldn’t afford encyclopedias to keep at their house to educate themselves or for research purposes. i feel like we know what’s out there but i think there’s only a few select that maximize it to it’s fullest potential. what makes it hard for us though is because we have everything to our disposal, the expectations are monumental. you’re expected to excel beyond those expectations.

when i was working, you always heard how the senior positions at the company would look at the new grads with a new sort of fire about them. they had the spunk that would keep the company going or would go the extra mile because we were eager to learn and of course…make the extra money. do you think there’s a limit as to how far is enough or should you try to push things further? i guess it’s a matter of how you envision your life and prioritize what’s meaningful.

i think “wow, we really can do anything we want” but how bad do you want it?

do all the common conveniences make us more lazy? do they distract us from focusing on one goal and strive for it? i think it might be a combination of both. the fact that we ARE given everything can be overwhelming but that’s life. as humans, i think we’re insatiable. we all want all that we can have instantaneously that we forget about the process through to the finish line. i think about it when i wanna read a ton of books. instead of devouring the story, i wanna get through it so i can read the next book.

life is so hurried because i think we don’t slow down sometimes to take it all in. now, now, now! step back and put all the things that matter in your life into perspective. you’ve got it pretty well. it may not be ideal, but you always know there’s someone somewhere wishing they could be where you are and have what you have.

deep thoughts by jack handy. the more you know. sit ubu sit.

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so i’m stuck at a fork in the road in life.  what i want to know is how people always say that’s it’s good to have a back-up plan just in case things don’t work out.  i didn’t realize it until now that’s it’s ok to follow your dreams because i have my education to fall back on.  you can use it as a crutch or use it to further your progression as a person and towards your passion.  what’s hard for me to handle is how do you follow what you REALLY want to do when you need money to do so?  is it a shame to ask your parents?  should you put that burden on your parents?  maybe sometimes i feel like it’s selfish of me because i’m doing something i’m not so sure about but hoping something comes out of it.

i know that you can’t be afraid to fail but i think that it’ll set you back in “time.”  in time of experience, the longevity of your money, and the possibilities and opportunities to maximize your degree that you arduously strived to retrieve for your disposal.  i like the idea of working on a dream while maintaining a steady well-paid paycheck to support that dream until it becomes self-sufficient, but until then i guess it’s back to the grind until something fruitions.

what’s a cool dream job?  what’s your dream job?

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where was i?  i was sitting in my cubicle at work watching the live stream on

it’s been pretty inspiring to witness history today especially at an age where you can comprehend what’s going on.  the president is not going to solve all the problems but it’s a great start to find a leader who you can believe in and trust.  we need another great orator and a voice of confidence and i believe he’s portrayed that on election day as well as his inauguration.  i think i’ve always considered myself to be pretty conservative in my beliefs but i also think i’m very open-minded when i listen to other people’s views.  i always believed everyone should be given a chance before pointing the finger or not hearing them out.  i just think it’s nice to feel a sense of calmness from all the political tension besides the true right-winged supporters who are finding their next leader instead of working together with the current one.

the one thing i like about the obama’s has to be their poise with the situation.  there isn’t a stuffiness about them.  barack actually seems to be a good role model as a father and a husband.  the first dance tonight almost seemed as if it was their wedding.  the fact that they enjoyed the ceremony as it was their celebration.  it was elegant, they looked how you picture the president and the first lady to show up to an event – it was one of those moments that people are watching the tv wishing to be there or wanting to be them at that moment.  yeah i’ll say it, it was glamorous.  and dam, even jack johnson showed up for the joint!  pretty slick.

he has a tough road ahead of him and it’s not going to be simply executed but i believe that he picked a team that is going to work well together.  there’s an energy about his team and his demeanor that not just the US seems to grab onto, but the world as well.  it’s been a while since there have been kids who say “i want to be the president of the united states.”  i hope no one takes advantage of his humility and his generosity to fight for his citizens but that they will work just as hard to prove that they deserve it as well.

hope and change.  it’s what you make of it.  you can’t just wait for it to happen.

you da blang, son!

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it’s one of those sleepless nights.  my schedule is outta whack.  eating pattern is flipped all around.  i need to get off my ass to exercise.  one thing i want to use this blog for is to make myself do things.  sort of a to-do list.  not necessarily an errand list, but i want to make it something where i have to accomplish a task for the week.  whether it be to meet a new person, shake a hand, read a chapter of a book, go see a foreign film, tell a friend a story, etc.

i think that’s what i want this year to be for me.  last year, i had a lot of firsts and i would say that in 2008, turning 25 was a milestone in my life and in that chapter, i had accomplished…more like crammed a lot of things in before i turned 25.  that’s a story for another day.

but like the portrait above, i see myself in this state of being borderline gray…  when i see gray, honestly i think it’s a great color but symbolically, i see it as a sign of monotony, routine, and predictable.  but on the other side of that white line, there’s a sense of vibrance and calmness at the same time.

i don’t ever want to get comfortable with life yet.  i feel that when you get comfortable, you lose motivation or for better words, content.  so i’m going to start off my “i’m going to’s” for the week.

i’m going to run at least 6 miles this week.
i’m going to take one great photo.
i’m going to learn one scale on the guitar.

think i can do this for 51 more weeks?  :-P

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joe – man in your life

nas – hero

i like the fact that you can sell the same beat to two different artists and remaster. i guess it’s fine and both songs sound totally different but hey, money is money i guess. i can understand doing a cover or sampling a song but it just doesn’t sound right when you’re listening to a song and you swear you heard that layer on another track. sure enough…

same thing on beyonce’s new song – diva. has the same cymbal hit from lollipop. i’m sure it’s all legit but it kinda killed the songs for me. just making an observation.

i’m in the wrong industry. not that my information is useful or credible but for some reason i care about this stuff. haha it’s a hobby.

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9.8 meters per second squared.  gravity can work for you or against you.  what goes up, must come down.

i think events in life are cyclical.  whenever you reach a high in your life – that point where you start to feel stability and success, not everything will work at equilibrium from that point on.  it can if you really work hard at it but as much as you prepare and plan, there are the unexpected moments that can change everything.  but you have to expect that and that’s why you prepare for a worst case scenario that you wish not to happen.

moving out while stable was a high for me – a sense of independence, but while you think you almost have everything going your way, there are those unexpected bumps that are almost impossible to avoid.  so just always be prepared.  there’s that “live life” theory that has to be tested throughout, but be responsible still.  it’ll sneak up to bite your ass in the future.

on the upside of gravity, certain events in physics help you out to max out the potential of what you’re trying to do.  golf, snowboarding, basketball, and most importantly, keeping yourself grounded.  don’t ever let yourself lose your head but still maintain your confidence.  be good at what you do and you’ll soar.

i’m just ticked off at the moment about something but i’m trying to turn the issue positively.

note:  rogan and 5 tips to golf.  old ass book.  amirite will?  lulz