twenty-seven years invested.
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having stared at this wall and what i’ve wanted to do, i decided not to just go with one flat color but instead, i pulled out three.  i’m happy with the results.  “oh but you have to paint it back when you leave”  – well, you gotta move out too.  no biggie. 

i smile when i see it.  it’s like a show came to my house and redid my pad.  i’m so fly.

lemme throw you some keys to making precision lines:

  • clear painting caulk – spread it on with your finger along the painting tape to create a seal.  presto!  so when you pull of the tape, it makes that clean, precision line you want but never get.
  • laser line thinagamajig – straight line guide as u put up the tape.  thank you for this invention.

and i guess that’s as exciting as life gets right now.  back to the grind for a couple days and back to another 3 day weekend.  9/80 schedule wins!  :]

category: home improvement

i realized the reason why i wanted to get a house.  i think i have this thing for home improvement.  i live in an apartment but if i had my own place, i really think my place would be gutted out and started over.  that’s embellishing but seriously, i think it’s fun.

not like, let’s go snowboard fun but it gives me something to do and look forward to when i get home.  especially after i bought a level.  i never knew that i’d be hooked on trying to level everything.  so now i’m just hanging stuff up on the walls so i can utilize it. 

got me a power drill, so i’m down to screw stuff to the walls.  the apartment said i could paint the walls if i wanted to but i think i’m kinda lazy to prime it back before i move out (whenever that is). 

home improvement = another expensive hobby. 
stereo speaker wires = spider web affect to the living room.
neutral colors = everything is brown.
bills = :(

i forgot how expensive living on your own was…

gotta cut back now.