twenty-seven years invested.
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So Far Gone cover

i can’t tell you how well made this mixtape was made.  first of all, this shoulda been picked up by a major record label to make his debut album.  to me, this is what kanye is trying to do with his music.  kanye doesn’t want to be labeled as a rapper but an entertainer/musician/artist.  drake’s on another level already.  he’s brought all the realms of music that i appreciate.  he’s instrumental, jazzy, drum/bass, indie, r&b, hip-hop and abstract.  in addition to that, he’s got a message from being silly to real.  new respect.  EVEN LIL WAYNE sounds good on here!

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november 18th
best i ever had
little bit
even his dam outro

rookie of the year.

this guy is gonna be ridiculous in his career in the NBA.  definitely need to cop that jersey. #1 DERRICK ROSE.  the celtics/bulls series will go epic in NBA playoff history.

houston rockets.

we got out of the 1st round.  the real test is to see the potential of our defense on the LA lakers.  it ain’t gonna be easy but i think if they get on all pistons, it’s gonna be a crazy series.

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i’m proud of myself for commiting.  my personal best and i’m proud of that.  it goes to show you that you’re stronger than you think and that the harder you work and the harder you push, there will be gratification in the end.  this applies to life in general and not just running.  but running is life? word.

but seriously, i always told myself that i wanted to run in a real race and thankfully got friends that wanna actually do it and seems to be growing in morale.  do things that inspire your life to be better. it’s a better feeling in the end.

god is love, rev run.  haha

6.25, son!!  first 10k distance run!  i’m gonna feel this tomorrow.

also, here is the youtube vid i took down cuz i was lazy to fix the tag about the crazy uneven bar routine that i would think would have to be the standard today. it’s kinda ridiculous. she only got a 9.95. DAWT

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i forgot what got me into it during college. i went to the driving range a couple times with my dad when i was younger but i hated going because it was hard. something about the motion, making contact, and constantly wanting to perfect the swing even more that keeps you wanting to keep practicing. i can now see why people like to do it during the weekend or why it becomes such a big thing for people to do as “business meetings” during the week.

so let’s see where my range for each club should be….

taken from

Club Men Women
Driver 200-230-260 150-175-200
3-wood 180-215-235 125-150-180
5-wood 170-195-210 105-135-170
2-iron 170-195-210 105-135-170
3-iron 160-180-200 100-125-160
4-iron 150-170-185 90-120-150
5-iron 140-160-170 80-110-140
6-iron 130-150-160 70-100-130
7-iron 120-140-150 65-90-120
8-iron 110-130-140 60-80-110
9-iron 95-115-130 55-70-95
PW 80-105-120 50-60-80
SW 60-80-100 40-50-60

that’ll help me keep in mind how far i should be focusing on.

clemshaw on youtube has become my new best friend for advice also.  pinemeadow golf is a blessing in disguise for clubs/equipment that anyone at any level should try out.  and the money that i have spent (wasted) on golf stuff already only gets me more excited about getting out there.  my toys:

and hopefully soon…

and in addition to that, kicking in the running habit takes time too.  5K to 10K to half to full marathon?  pshh…  just fun while the hype is high.  5K is doable tho.  keeps me active and hopefully lose the extra weight i gained when i was out working in mississippi.  :)

hi.  you down?

Ou Serez-Vous le 31/08/2008 ?

and to the 5Kers that finished this past saturday, it only feeds the hype even more.  08.31.2008 could be a possibility.  but for now, it’s who to contribute to…parrots or an orphanage on aug. 9.  haha

4th of JULY RUN WILD 5K – 2008 Team “Twice as Nice”

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just a remarkable milestone for the rockets.  takes a lot of heart, determination, and mental strength.  when you lose, you sometimes give yourself a break and pick up on the next game.  but when you have a streak, your mind is mentally thinking of the next thing. 

big tests next week tho:
hornets, again

i don’t care if we lose the rest of the games after, just knock these three down.  that’s called clinching the playoffs, son.