twenty-seven years invested.
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still is one of the best damn mraz performances.  it made me appreciate the song a lot more after seeing it.  just good mellow, laid back ish.

it’s good to know that late nite with jimmy fallon is about the writing.  you can tell by their productions.  hilarious mock of the hills.

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he still amazes me and it’s amazing to master one of my favorite acoustic instrumentals. it’s one of the most fluid songs on the guitar that i’ve ever heard. to me, it’s as if someone is singing but you can’t make out the lyrics and you don’t care. i think he did the fingerstyle part even better.

and last night, kris allen killed kanye’s heartless on AI. when it started off i didn’t think much of it but then it got better than the fray’s version and got jason mraz-y on it? he was the only one that did a song that was current. he’ll have the best record out of the top 3.

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the kooks – naive
kings of leon – closer
lil wayne – mrs. officer
brian mcknight – anytime
ryan leslie – overdose
david gray – babylon
the all-american rejects – gives you hell
raul midon feat jason mraz – keep on hoping
kaskade – it’s you, it’s me
tom tom club – genius of love

these are 10 songs that i choose right now strictly based on how well they sound in the car or any good stereo.  good sharp highs, subtle lows, and for the clarity of the song.  a lot of tracks are usually saturated with loudness so it makes the song sound full and well…loud.  i think these songs were well made to hear everything they want you to hear. for the playlist of songs if you wanna sample them here.

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late nite with jimmy fallon – had his debut night last night.  it’s like the first day of school watching him, he looked dead nervous out there but what do you expect having to fill the shoes of conan o’brien who is going to take over the tonight show in june.  where’s jay leno going?  he’s moving to a prime time slot doing an hourly slot of i don’t know what in the 10/9p spot.  fallon has some big guests to bring in an audience his first week so lets hope he figures out the kinks cuz like when conan started, he has no clue what he’s doing right now.

throwback album mention:

White Ladder

david gray – white ladder.  great mellow album.  babylon would still be a hit if it was made in today’s industry.



BoA, not Bank of America but the artist from korea who was compared to being korea’s britney spears, is coming out with an american produced album.  not sure if this is an english album but if it is, it’s gonna be crazy accented and not lily allen style but like what the heck is she saying, man?


k’naan – troubadour seems promising.  there isn’t much coming out of the hiphop scene publicly right now.

The General Dynamic

basic vocab – the general dynamic.  just a sick album if you haven’t checked it out.  great find thanks to watching entourage.  amazing how music can impact a scene instantly.  it would be awesome to work in production.

storytellers – kanye west. his set for the performance was clean.  it’s his best “singing” performance so far of all his live performances but he still pulls the mic away on the parts where he can’t reach, which is a good thing, but bad if you’re going to sing and want people to take you seriously.  he does it for the harmonies and whatnot but eh.  he decided to try and improve on his “storytelling” of his tracks but he sorta fumbled through a lot of them.  he wanted to speak from the heart but then sometimes it just came out meh and he knew it.  haha  anyway, i liked his heartless performance as he added a better version of pinnochio’s story than on the album.

highlights: heartless and stronger.

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inspiring.  it’s inspiring to me because it’s a stripped down piece of work.  it’s the aspect of what makes candid moments, well, candid.  it’s the moments where people let their guard down because there is no sense of surveillance therefore you act as if you were “to dance like no one is watching.”

there are so many things that you can do to make this a great piece – from an inspiring short film, to a music video that is relative to the situation, or even a great advertising campaign that seems genuine.  if you add words that have an impact, it can make you think.  if you add music, it can make you feel.

they people in the video really are great – i wish it made the full revolution but it was pretty imaginative and care-free.  a lot of things i tend to forget about on a daily basis.  anyway, fun vid.  if you don’t see it, i dunno what else to say.  one of those epiphany moments or something.

randoms of the day on tv:
the office – kelly got an hour nap; angela is a pussy licker; jim and dwight collabo; pam going “ayo!”
top chef – carla is a hoot, that is all
celtics vs mavs – garnett losing his cool all on his own.  his head needs to shrink down a bit.

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i think a useless things sometimes but you know what is different about tv shows now?  a lot of shows took out the theme song where they show the cast and have some type of catchy tune that makes the show somewhat memorable.  it’s disappointing that there are some really great shows out but at the same time, it’s used to make the most time for the show’s content that we loose the theme song.

that theme song somewhat gives the show a personality whether it be dark, happy, quarky or just an emotional attachment to that show.  i think that with all these shows that are on tv, you won’t really remember much except for what it was about.  it’s amazing that when you hear a theme of a show that you haven’t seen in a long time, it makes nostalgic about that time period or what you relate to when you hear that song.

let’s go through some theme songs off the top of my head:

california dreams – smell of bacon on saturday morning; knowing that if i turned on the tv and it was on i missed saved by the bell; remembering that this is all i worried about when i woke up

golden girls/empty nest – all of my family and cousins would go to the beach almost every weekend during the summer.  whenever we came home and turned on the tv while everyone rested, had coffee, and talked more, this would usually be on when we could come home.

l.a. law – makes me remember how iconic this theme was but hated the show cuz i was too young to care for it.

fresh prince of bel-air – i actually enjoyed mondays when it was still in syndication

how i met your mother – i’m glad they stuck a catchy humming tune in the beginning filled with pictures like it’s a blur of memories flashing by you.  it worked and i like the show because they stuck to how a sitcom should be and that’s with having a theme song.

also do you realize how difficult it is to have a song that will be catchy enough to listen to weekly?  also the writer who can come up with lyrics that’s relative to the show?

cheers.  out of this world.  charles in charge.  perfect strangers.  the nanny.  felicity.  ally mcbeal.  m*a*s*h.  three’s company.  good times.  friends.  who’s the boss?  alf.  facts of life.  family ties.  living single.


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love this damn show.  i was about to compare life to the show, entourage.  i wrote a couple paragraphs and thought it was kind of whack to compare life to a tv show.  not that it’s bad to but it sets standards low to compare something of a fictional sense.  maybe i want to be more of a realist about things now but i still got dreams, dude.  but i have to say, entourage this season is pretty ridiculous.  girls are hot, ari is a badass at his job, and the entourage is doing what they always do.  ultimate respect to their friendship tho.  those are true friends.  i like that.

i just aspire to find a passion again.  i seriously don’t see what i’m doing right now (as a career) as what i’m going to be going in the long run (but maybe i am).  i don’t feel like i have a niche for it or that the people around me motivate me to be more.  yeah, on my previous project i had a boss who trusted me and actually believed that i’ll be in his position one day and he’d be proud to work under me when that day comes.  when he said that, that was a big moment for me and from that day i put my chin up and held my head high after he said that.  i think that was one of my proudest moments in my life.  it’s something to hear it from family but to hear it from a superior who you worked with 2 feet away from you 10 hours a day/7 days a week for 6 mo, that kinda means a lot.  not to mention how stressful that job was and what kind of bar it sets on the productivity you want to have at work.  but right now, i’m going numb at work.

i’m sort of going through another crossroad in life.  i’m trying to figure what it is that i want again.  sure, stability is good but it’s boring.  i want stories i can tell people.  i’m tired of people asking me “how are you?” “how have things been?” and i have nothing to tell them.  it’s the stories, the accomplishments, the relationships, the hardships, the victories that people care about.  people say not to care what other people think but if know one knew anything then how does anyone know it ever existed?  it’s your own history that people can remember you by, right?

my thing is that i want to find things that i can tell my kids when they grow up.  i want those stories of what i did to get where i am.  learning to take chances without regret and coming out on top.  some story it would be to tell my kids “yeah i worked at this company for 35 years since a week after i graduated college.”  and then?  “i retired?”  wow.

i think that’s why traveling is my crutch.  you meet people, you see things, and you learn to be more open-minded about the world.  some people never leave where they come from and i’d love to live everywhere.  that may or may not happen but i won’t ever give up that hope to do so.  i’ve seen what the world has to offer and it’s exciting.  the strangers you meet who can become your closest friends, the one chick that makes you see things in a different light and everything all of a sudden makes sense, and the simplest connection between people that we forget about when we get used to our surroundings.

anyway, i’m just saying it’s always gonna be in me to never be satisfied until i find whatever it is that is keeping me restless everyday.  i’m not content with being content.  it’s not who i am.  if i ever just stop doing stuff, please knock me out of it.  cuz that’s just not me.

anyway, cop the q-tip – the renaissance album.  it’s pretty dope.

The Renaissance

Something Else

robin thick – something else – damn good album

Still Feels Good

rascal flatts – still feels good – so i like country music…and?

808s & Heartbreak

kanye west – november 25

Universal Mind Control

common – december 9

jay-z – blueprint 3 – tba

David Archuleta

david archuleta – november 11 – yeah, so what?  lemme see your itunes collection then.

lemme add my top 10 shows right now too.  been a while since i’ve blogged anything.

1 – eli stone
2 – little people, big world
3 – entourage
4 – the office
5 – heroes
6 – fringe
7 – how i met your mother
8 – private practice
9 – grey’s anatomy
10 – 90210 (jailbait and jennie garth)

need more comedy sitcoms.  tv is too damn serious nowadays.  not enough funnies.  funnies never get old.

have a great november, kids.  i can’t believe it’s almost 2009 already.  life really does get fast after you get done with school.  it seems like there’s never enough time…

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my guys. if you’ve seen this show, then you’re cool.  just another one of those yuppy shows that sorta involves this 20-30 something group that has a typical “peach pit” or “max’s” or “central perk” type of hangout where everyone meets up when they are free.  it’s almost like college how there was always a common area where everyone met when they weren’t at class.  this show also relates to how i met your mother too.

well there’s an episode where one of the guys gets hired at another friend’s company as a mail clerk who also shares duties as the copy guy.  he gets called the “copy slave.”    i have a job duty that falls into this catergory as well.  i got asked by a coworker how i got stuck with this job and honestly, i don’t know.  it was sorta just thrown upon me.  ………how gracious i am for that.

in other news, i think i’m gonna end up doing the austin nike humanrace10k.  another coworker yesterday suggested that since i did a 5k already, for me to invest in training for a 10k because he said it’s redundant to train your body for the same thing?  to make the challenges more exciting and he made it sound easily doable as he did his first HALF MARATHON last january.   and all this because he saw my watch…

i sweat this watch gets people talkin… “so you’re a runner” “what kinda watch is that?” “hey is that a new band kinda thingy?”  the last question comes from wearing the head of the watch on the inside so the other side displays a nike logo.  but what i’m saying is that this watch gets you thinking you gotta keep running too.  the fact that is shows your week total and when you log on the nike site, it makes a nike “wii” type character showing what shape your in.  it’s like a freakin giga-pet basically but you have to run to keep it happy.  so that’s cool.  here’s to better health.

and to music.  new inspiration is ryan leslie.  watching his videos on youtube, he seems to be somewhat a genius…literally.  harvard graduate at 15.  just watching his work ethic in the studio is pretty inspirational, not to mention hype.  it comes off kinda cocky but i think that’s what makes it have it’s edge on his sound.  i get like that when i would do stuff just to hype myself up, so no big deal.

he’s just a sick individual.

anyway, i turn 25 tomorrow…or in a couple of hours.  a quater of a century has passed and so have the years of my life.  here’s to enjoying the rest of that century.  just call me QUARTACENT.  it’s INCREDIBLE. *cue jay-z hova music*

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after cavy told me that he saw him live, i got back into his stuff looking up some of his performances and this rendition is just ridiculous.  he’s like a reggae adam lavigne on the chubby side.  haha  regardless, his voice is unique and pure.  good entertainment.  so lucky you got to see it live with a small crowd.  those are the best.  cheers to live music!

happy 4th, everyone.

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i think a lot of the reason we tend to be lazier nowadays is because we’re on information overload.  we have to give things time to sort of soak in.  it always seems like we never have enough time to do the things we need to do but at the same time, we seem to always do a lot of nothing too.  i have so much crap to do…mainly just personal errands and chores that i tend to put off because i think there are so many other things that i need to do so i’ll rest before doing it.  maybe it’s just called procrastination.  but i still believe that we move at such a fast pace that we forget how to do a lot of things.

did that make sense?

keep expanding the highways to fit more people to get to places faster yet we spend more hours in traffic than doing a lot of other things.  it’s like after work, i have to choose my battle of what to do.  mainly because i would rather not go home but then do i want to get stuck in traffic trying to do something else?  5-7pm is just a blackout time for doing anything.

i’d do an analogy but meh.  just rambling.

in other news, quarterlife is a good show.   it’s kinda like watching an indie film about 6 friends going through the time in their life that well…i should be going through and kinda am.  the whole ‘finding yourself’ time of your life.  pretty believeable cast but whenever a show like this gets on the air, it usually gets pulled off so we’ll see.