twenty-seven years invested.
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so one of those playlists on my itunes when i hit the genius button came up and it was for paolo nutini – last request.  as soon as i played this playlist, a stream of nostalgia hit.  all of a sudden i can smell and feel moments from the past.  nothing bad or negative but familiar.  it just makes me wonder about the future.  as you grow older, for some people, family changes and so do little traditions that you once had.  also, the people you see.  it goes from frequent to rarely.

i like the idea of family. it’s comfort, it’s home. i certainly admire those who take care of theirs and hopefully have one of my own someday.

never post after midnight. it’s just emo.

happy valentine’s day to all!

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So I checked this book out today at B&N and I gotta say that I think it’s gonna be a definitely good read.  Buy it online on Amazon though, ridiculous to have MSRP of $35 while on Amazon you can get a steal for $18.89.  How they came up with that price?  No idea.  Reason I contemplated buying the hardcover was because I have a Kindle and I would read that thing anywhere.  There’s a lot of detail to the hardcover though.  The print, the pictures and the graphic detail of the lyric pages.  I’m looking forward to this book because it gives you a glimpse into a lyricists mind.  It’s how deep a songwriter goes in order to make a song tap into us.  The reason they chose certain words, the way to chose their delivery and why we even listen to the song.  It’s all in the person and their magic with wordplay.

I hate when I get into these “I wanna read books” mode because it gets expensive quick.  Funny because the book isn’t going anywhere either and I have a ton of books to read at home, yet I wanna get this like right now.  Just to have it.

I seriously don’t think print will ever become deceased with the digital world.  Even how the internet killed record stores, books still survived as much digital print as there is out there.  Nothing like reading something in your hands to see and feel physically that there’s a beginning and an end to it.

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that, i am.

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when you grow up, do you feel like you’ve gained more friends or lost more friends? by that, i guess you can take it in the literal sense or go deeper where you have found out who your long term friends are going to be in your life. it’s funny how in our youth, especially in college that our one many main mediums was using AIM to chat with everyone. i seems like the age of instant messaging died in a sense. sure, there is the era of texting and Twitter now but that seems limited in comparison to having full unabridged conversation. sure, leave that for “In Real Life” situations but it just seems like the people we do see, we refer to what we already know because of what we read or overheard.

life is one big gossip reel until it’s confirmed by the main source. this is just a general realization, no random poke at anyone or anything. i just think how interesting technology has made social interaction more present but not. sure, the introverted can relate more to others through a medium and the extroverted can reach out to a wider audience but has it made life that much more simple? the more exposed you are, the more obligations you have also; in the personal but also the business world. you’re obligated to connect 24/7.

i like that we give ourselves these personal leashes. cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. they are truly conveniences and can be helpful but how much do we rely on them and how do we react without them?

the younger generations ahead of us are learning to get bored quicker because things go out of fad so quickly now. means to get things are simpler. there’s always an evolution to what we do, i’m just wondering where we’re going next.

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you gotta love the thought process.  can’t wait for this album.

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it’s always the same questions everytime it’s time to decide for a new phone.  your obligatory 2-year contract is up and it’s time to get a new phone.  how did it come to the point where such an expensive device is so disposable after only 2 years of use?  why is it that we get so sick of it so quickly?

i think it’s mainly because it becomes another extension of our arm.  you rely on the information that it holds now as opposed to just a phone.  it’s smarter than that.  sometimes it bugs me when people still use their phones when you go on a vacation.  you sorta forget what the purpose of a vacation is – and that’s to get away.  turn off the outside world and just live in the moment you’re in.

anyway, getting off the topic.  i’m really hating my phone right now, especially since i’ve been waiting for my phone to complete whatever process it is doing restoring my phone so i can STOP getting the stupid hour glass symbol when i actually NEED to use the phone.  the fact that i have to take the battery out and wait another 5 minutes doesn’t seem to be the most expected thing you want your phone to do when you need it.

as for some projects i’m working on, i’m really wanting the iPhone now.  it’s a great social media tool.  it has the most compatible apps for updates and it seems to be where developers tend to prioritize their time programming for, even ahead of android, microsoft or symbian.  my thing is that my contract with t-mobile lets up next month.  do i bite my tongue and get the 3GS now?  wait in hopes of the next gen model to come out next june?  maybe t-mobile 3G service will be better by then?  go to sprint and get the hero in hopes of the hype they call 4G?

always wanting the next best thing is greedy but it’s also keeping ahead of the curve when it’s a great tool for communicating.  funny how dependent we’ve become but it’s also geeky fun also.

the htc hero looks mighty clean too though.  who will be the next winner for the next 2 years?!  i’m only paying 60/mo for service with t-mobile. that’s spoiled me in itself also…son!

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Sennheiser PX 100

Sennheiser PX 100

these headphones are pretty sick for mid-grade type headphones.  sure they look like old school discman type headphones but they have pretty exceptional sound quality for the price you pay.  not to mention there are 950+ reviews to back it up.  it’s pretty good for casual listening and you don’t have to be paranoid about busting them or losing them like if you were to buy the dr. dre headphones lookin all hype.  you can’t deny headphones that have stunna rims on the outside while ur listening to your music.  i only wish they spun so you can’t look like a class act.

respectable bass, good mids, and it’s like there’s an embedded tweeter system in there.  they also compact into sunglasses-like box.

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don’t worry, this isn’t a story spoiler. i’m just trying to rationalize all that’s spiritual and scientific in my opinion.

this past sunday was the first time i’ve gone to church in a very long time. it’s not that i don’t want to go but i always seems to make excuses or just don’t take time out to set my alarm to wake up in the morning or end up doing something in the evening to miss the youth mass. being catholic, there’s a lot of rules to follow. do you call them rules? commandments? promises? anyway, regardless of all the beliefs that are out there, i think it’s important to have faith. i can say that i’ve really missed church. not because i feel guilty or because i HAVE to go but because there’s a sense of peace if you really take time out to meditate and take time out for yourself and God.

it’s funny because i just finished reading angels and demons tonight. how appropriate, right? i can understand as to why there is such controversy with the church and Christianity because there’s a lot of tall tales that come along with the story of the faith. should you believe in the all the secrecy behind closed walls? is it to protect the people of their faith or to keep the structure of the politics inside of the church strong? i may not be putting all these terms correctly but it’s just like science where people are wanting a solid factual basis for things but always keep ending up with more questions. but that’s what keeps you going. i think it’s really important to believe in something because if you don’t, where does it get you? what motivates you to keep going?

one thing i do agree with in the book (not that i don’t agree with anything but one point i wanted to point out) is that apathy is death. not caring, not believing, not having any relevance to anything will drive you to nothing. sure there are times where you grow apathetic to a situation but always try to put yourself in a position of what the scenario is and come to a conclusion. like it said in the book, there would be no light without darkness. all the contrasts are good because how can you know what something is until you know what it’s like without it also.

the book ended kinda weird but gotta end a story somehow. :-P

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so i’m working on a side project right now and for the 3 people that read this blog, if you guys can go and check out my new blog about biking/cycling and let anyone you know that rides about the blog.  it’s gonna be something great for the bike community in houston and everywhere around.  :)